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The Aeropan fighter[1][2] is an enemy airship encountered in The Lost Frontier. They served as the primary combat aircraft for the Aeropan Navy, both as patrol units and strike planes. Simply-designed aircraft, it is unknown if they were drone-controlled or manned, as no pilots are ever indicated nor any windshields or windows.


They first started appearing at Brink Island after the mission "Board the pirate galleon", which is technically when Jak affiliated himself with the Sky Pirates, even if to a limited extent, making the Aeropans enemies. The fighters could thereafter be seen patrolling the various air spaces, and were also commonly deployed as escorts for Aeropan transports, and by the ACS Behemoth during boss fights.

In the missions "Stop the Behemoth" and "Take down the Behemoth" in particular, a pair of fighters were deployed for some Aeropan heavy fighters, and they would fly in formation to allow the attack planes to carry out strikes.


Fighters usually fly in groups, and as such are easy to pick off from a distance using even something as simple as the Punisher with repeated fire. They are capable of performing drastic evasive maneuvers, however, which is why they are best picked off from afar or after performing a loop with Up. Nonetheless, they are still fairly weak. They are harder to take down when flying solo, as more precise aiming is required.

For as weak as they are, they can still deal considerable damage. Planes of Jak's that have mediocre to weak armor can find themselves in danger when showered upon from behind, which is why breaking their aiming locks with a barrel roll (Left or Right), loop, or slip turn (Down) are often necessary (the latter two being most effective).