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The airship tanker is a large aircraft used by the Krimzon Guard to pick eco up at the drill platform in Jak II. They are heavily armed with automatic turrets and a large number of accompanying hover guards.

History[edit | edit source]

Although these tankers can be regularly seen flying over Haven City, it was not until the "Destroy ship at drill platform" mission when Jak actively engaged into combat with one using gunpods mounted around the platform. Under orders from Kor, who supposedly was under orders from the Underground, he had to shoot it down so the eco could be collected later. It remains unknown whether or not it was actually collected by the Underground or by the Metal Heads.

It was also accompanied by a large number of hover guards, forty of which Jak had to kill before he could make it to the tanker, which was still guarded by several more.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Concept art of the airship tanker.

The tanker has a rectangle-shaped base, with large, delta-shaped wings forming the top. The top is colored with a Krimzon Guard red, with its belly being a metallic dull gray. There is a small horizontal and vertical stabilizer on its tail. Alongside the side of the rectangle base and on top and below the wings are numerous hatches which can open to reveal powerful turrets, although these lack precise aiming and tend to shoot from side to side.

The tanker is well-armored but also rather slow, making it an easy target. It is unknown why it stayed to fight, as the destruction of its turrets ultimately resulted in a fatal explosion and the crash of the ship.

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