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The Altum sonatur queen[1] (pronounced AL-tum SOE-ne-toor) is a massive metal bug hive queen[2] (referred to as hive queen 1 in-game)[3] encountered in the bottom regions of the transit system during Daxter. Daxter first came to face with only her egg sac, which he attacked until she revealed herself, at which point the boss fight began. Daxter ultimately bested the bug, stopping it from further spawning bugs inside Haven City's walls.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Concept art.

The altum sonatur queen is a massive creature, with a green skin color and golden armor. It has two frontal claws and several appendages close to its torso and walks using four legs, each of which end with two separate claws. Its egg sac, which is initially the only visible part of the queen, is a major weak point, though it will spring-load shutters as a form of armor to protect it when damaged. The queen is also vulnerable to spray gun fumes, which will stun her.

Boss fight[edit | edit source]

The egg sac.

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

Upon first arriving in the circular shaped area in which the queen resides, the only visible thing will be her massive egg sac sticking out from the center. Hit it to cause it to spring up armored shutters, shielding it, after which it spawns several metal backs. Repeat this three times until the queen crawls out of the ground, revealing herself.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

Now she will slam her two claws into the ground and lower her head to that of Daxter's level, at which point she repeatedly starts blasting dark ecos blasts at him. Zigzag into close range and spray her in the face with the spray gun to stun her, from where you can safely walk around her to hit the egg sac again, the only weak point she has. This must be done three times to progress into the final part.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]

With five hit points left, she will start jumping into the air, onto your direct position at the time of the top and crash down, releasing a shockwave that spreads through the whole area. Dodge her massive body and subsequently deal with the shockwave by either double jumping or using the hover ability from the pressure boost attachment and then close in to hit the egg sac, which has to be repeated five times in total to finally defeat the bug.

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