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The Basher is a combat racing car featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. It is one of the first cars available to Jak during the Red Eco Cup (along with the Road Blade), and was also used by Torn and Shiv during that cup. Shiv also uses the Basher during the Yellow Eco Cup and exhibition mode.


The Basher is a tall vehicle with a noticeable bulk, though it is not particularly longer than any of the other vehicles. It has decent starting armor, with a fortified hood, wheel guards, passenger protection, and a sturdy chassis. Its weapons are mounted on the top, meaning there is a general contradistinction between ramming tactics and shooting from a distance.

This is a powerful first class car with noticeably superior durability and stability due to its armor and large size. While it has a comparatively low engine speed, it makes up for this with an efficient turbo system. Furthermore, the low engine speed imparts good overall handling, even while boosting. However, its drifting capabilities do suffer and as a result the vehicle falters around tight corners, allowing faster racers to cut corners and get ahead. This vehicle is most noticeably useful for arena events, during which its sheer bulk affords powerful ramming tactics and deters you from flipping over.

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