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The metal head bat is an enemy in Jak 3 which is only found in the mission "Destroy eggs in nest" at the Metal Head cave. The bat is a blue-colored metal head with two pairs of very long wings and three small pairs of legs. There are also three little pairs of "stingers" behind the legs serving an unknown function. They have a lengthy body ending with a long tail. Bats dwell in holes in the ceiling, and if an enemy is detected they will swarm out and attack by firing blasts of dark eco.[1]

Combat[edit | edit source]

When in combat they usually tend to swarm in groups of others, hovering above their target where they will eventually fly ahead of their target, yield, and charge a large sphere of dark eco, which then turns into a type of blaster. They will continue to do this until their target is destroyed. The Metal Head cave grants little to no protection, so it is recommended to attempt to outrace them with the Gila Stomper. Although evasion is somewhat difficult, they are easily shot down with a machine gun; especially one with auto-aiming tactics such as the one found on the Stomper.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Bat (metal head) concept art.png

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