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The Bazaars were two districts on the east and west side of the Palace in Haven City, featured in Jak II. Together they served as the city's market, trading goods from produce stands, probably sustained by the surrounding Gardens sectors. After the fall of the Palace in Jak 3, the east Bazaar was abandoned due to being inaccessible from ruins, with parts of the west Bazaar becoming part of Metal Head city.

History[edit | edit source]

The west Bazaar near Brutter's trinket stand.

During Jak II, points of interest here included Brutter's trinket stand (in the west Bazaar) and Onin's tent (in the east Bazaar). Jak frequented the west Bazaar for the missions "Rescue lurkers for Brutter" and "Beat Erol in race challenge", where both missions at least partially took place, as well as to access other sectors such as the Gardens. He visited the east Bazaar to locate Onin, as well as in the mission "Intercept tanker" when a group of metal heads hijacked an eco tanker and advanced a surprise attack to test Haven's defenses.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Part of the east Bazaar.

Both Bazaars were located on either side of the Palace. Uniquely, the east Bazaar had an elevated highway for zoomer transportation, possibly to keep the commerce safe. The Bazaars consisted of blocks, defined by buildings or concrete walls so as to segregate separate market areas. The west Bazaar was surrounded by the south and north Gardens, serving as direct passage between them.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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