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The Beam Reflexor is a weapon used by Jak during Jak 3. It is a yellow eco-powered yellow mod Morph Gun weapon upgrade to the Blaster, with long range deflecting bullets creating a crossfire hazard for enemies.

Damas rewards Jak with the Beam Reflexor after the second arena challenge, Earn 2nd war amulet.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Beam Reflexor is based on the basic Blaster design; resembling a rifle, having an elongated barrel with a laser sight for accuracy. It has a metal casing at the end of the barrel and releases thicker streams of yellow eco which can deflect off solid objects.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Jak firing the Beam Reflexor.

The Beam Reflexor is a vastly superior version of the Blaster; the ricocheting bullets are incredibly fast and automatically seek their targets, making it nigh-on impossible to miss an enemy. It is therefore especially effective against flying enemies or very quick enemies like the metal jacket and the mantis. The added deflections also make it easier to deal with enemies as you will spend less time firing the actual weapon yourself. However, it deals less damage per hit than the Blaster, which makes it better against large numbers of weaker enemies.

The aerial wasteland combo (jump with X, spin kick with Circle, immediately fire during kick with L1) is also that much more powerful. Whereas with the Blaster it would be possible for some shots to miss, the deflections ensure none of them are wasted, and this attack is capable of clearing entire enemy rooms. With the use of this combo, it can be considered the weapon of choice for practically any enemy encountered throughout Jak 3.

Despite the benefits the reflector has two downsides, one is that it will eat ammunition (although it is never wasted, as it only costs ammo if an enemy is hit per deflection) even though yellow ammo is very common. The second is that while the ricochets are doubly effective in close quarters, since less space means less time for the deflections to move around it can be considered less of a choice during wide open fights. The deflections take a lot longer to travel around and might even veer up into the air and vanish.

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