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Beat Erol in race challenge was a mission in Jak II. Erol challenged Jak to a city race through Haven City to prove who was the better racer.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Jak driving his zoomer through an accelerator ring.

A one on one race using zoomers and using accelerator rings. The rings must be taken, as ignoring any will cause you to lose the race. They'll give you short bursts of extra speed which is mostly a hindrance around corners. Whenever you go around a tight corner, remember to slow down. Hitting a wall will cause you to lose even more time. Erol is an exceptionally good racer and will give you a difficult time if you make any mistakes. The best way to win this race is to drive carefully and avoid hitting walls. Your zoomer is faster so as long as you don't lose time bumping on walls, Erol won't catch up to you.

The track starts at Krew's Hip Hog Heaven Saloon in the Port and then cuts through the southern Gardens, the western Bazaar, around the Tomb of Mar and Haven Palace and then straight through Main Town, ending at the Mar Memorial Stadium.

There are two exploits that can make this race significantly easier:

  • If you turn into Dark Jak before race begins and walk into Erol, it'll damage his zoomer. Do this until the zoomer is on fire, but don't destroy it otherwise the game will glitch out, then begin the race after Dark Jak ends. Because Erol's zoomer is damaged, he'll drive slower than normal. (Fixed in the PS4 Version.)
  • After you cross Mar's Tomb during the race, there's a glitch that let's you skip the rings and make it to the goal and still win the race. Take advantage of that if you miss a ring past that point but do not touch any other ring until the goal.
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