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Beat gun course 1 was a mission in Jak 3. Before Tess hand over her new Gyro Burster to Jak, he had to prove he could protect Daxter in the new gun course.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Using either the Blaster or the Beam Reflexor, you have to go through the renewed gun course and earn 10,000 points. Although the layout is still the same, as well as the mechanics, the cardboard enemies are now tougher than before. There's versions that explode after a few seconds, some that will shoot back, and others that take two hits to go down. Everything else still works the same: civilians need to be avoided while shooting down enemies faster will cause gold versions to appear, which are worth the most.

The Beam Reflexor is an attractive gun to use here as the deflections tend to hit new targets the moment they appear. However, if there are too many, they will often hit civilians.

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