The Precursor Legacy subtitle

Oh my, what a horribly sick little bird! —Birdwatcher, The Precursor Legacy
The Birdwatcher, also known as the Bird Lady or Tweetledov Perch, is a character in The Precursor Legacy. She lives on the north-west side of Sandover Village as the caretaker and watchover of the local animal life. Early in their adventure, the Birdwatcher gives Jak and Daxter the task of finding the flut flut egg at Sentinel Beach, in the mission "Push the flut flut egg off the cliff". She goes with them to the beach and waits at the bottom of the cliff as Jak pushes the egg off onto some hay, she then rewards Jak by granting him a power cell.

The Birdwatcher generally comes across as very vigilant and caring. She has an apparent obsession with birds, confusing Daxter (an ottsel) to be a "yellow-bellied orange rain fray." She is an aged woman, and wears a yellow hat which resembles the head of a bird, most likely as a disguise mechanism to assist in her bird watching. She carries a pair of binoculars for spotting birds, which she can often be seen gazing through.