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The Birdwatcher,[1][2][3][4] also known as the Bird Lady,[5][6][7][8] is a character in The Precursor Legacy. Living on the north-western side of Sandover Village, she is an elderly woman with an evident passion for birds. She is depended upon by the village to take care of the local avian wildlife, working with the green eco sage Samos Hagai to do so.


When Jak and Daxter first approached the Birdwatcher, she mistook Daxter for a spotted orange-bellied rain fray, presumably due to the ottsel's orange colors, and the fact that she first looked at him up-close through her binoculars. She explained that the day earlier, she had witnessed a group of "terribly vicious" lurkers capture a mother flut flut, leaving her egg orphaned atop a cliff on Sentinel Beach. The Birdwatcher requested that the duo rescue the egg in exchange for a power cell, in the mission "Push the flut flut egg off the cliff". She had already prepared a pile of hay to protect the egg as it was pushed.[9]

After Jak and Daxter successfully completed the mission, the Birdwatcher stated she would take the flut flut chick back to the village and take care of her, along with Samos.[10] Later on, the Birdwatcher allowed Keira to outfit the baby flut flut with a saddle, so that Jak could ride it as a mount for quicker travel and traversing long distances.[3]


Birdwatcher concept art

Concept art of the Birdwatcher.

The Birdwatcher has a gentle yet eccentric personality, coming across as a delicate elderly woman, who can also be somewhat demanding. She appears to be very vigilant and caring for local wildlife, using her attire presumably to either promote trust with her caregivees or disguise herself for observation. Demonstrating a devotion to her livelihood, her hut, located on the north-western side of Sandover Village, contains many bird cages, some of the inhabitants of which resemble the bird Samos keeps around.

The Birdwatcher is a stout yet somewhat frail female human. She wears a thick green boilersuit with a blue belt and suspenders, as well as a brown falconer's bracer on her right arm for birds to grasp. On her head and around her neck she wears a stitched-together bird costume with a large blue feather at the top. She's also always seen with a pair of binoculars through which she often peers.

Behind the scenesEdit

The non-canon "Where Are They Now?" section of The Official Jak 3 Guide details the Birdwatcher's post-The Precursor Legacy whereabouts. Supposedly named Tweetledov Perch, she opened an avian petting zoo for wayward and troubled birds, later becoming internationally famous when she used her bird suit to secretly live among wild birds for more than a decade. Her research was then documented in the film Chickens in the Misty Branches — My Life With the Great Eggs.[7]



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