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Trophy: Strip Mine, Not Yours
Complete 'Blow up strip mine eco wells'. Bronze

Blow up strip mine eco wells was a mission in Jak II. Baron Praxis had eco wells drilled at the strip mine, except according to Vin, he never intended to pipe them into the city grid. The open eco wells would also attract more Metal Heads meaning they had to be closed off forcefully. However, due to Daxter, the plasmite bombs intended to use for this were all prematurely activated; forcing Jak into a timed challenge.

In truth, the Baron intended to leave the eco wells open to honor his end of the deal with the Metal Head leader.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of Jak II will unlock the bronze trophy Strip Mine, Not Yours.


A JET-Board mission with a two-minute timer. The objective is to find all six eco wells and throw a bomb in each one. You'll need enough momentum with the jet board (doing spin tricks will speed you up) to gain enough height when using the half-ramps on each well. Pressing X helps to gain that bit of extra jump at the top, Jak will automatically throw the bomb in each well if done right.

For their locations, they're easily visible by the leakage of eco as well as sparks of electricity surrounding it. Four of them are in the main area (three of which are on the higher normally unreachable spots), the fifth is past the building where Vin was hiding in the last mission at the mine; this was previously blocked by big crates. The last one is past the dark eco pool which was previously blocking an extra route leading onto the hills of the mining area. This is pretty much a jet board obstacle course with the last well right past a big gap with a moving platform.

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