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The Blue Sage is a character in The Precursor Legacy. The sage of blue eco, he lived in and watched over Rock Village before his capture by the evil siblings Gol Acheron, the sage of dark eco, and Maia. They planned to sap his powers and those of the other eco sages to power a modified Precursor robot, in a bid to reshape the world to their liking. The Blue Sage's absence from Rock Village allowed lurker attacks to persist, and prompted green eco sage Samos Hagai of Sandover Village to travel north and investigate.

Appropriate to his eco specialty, the Blue Sage has a blue complexion, a frenetic personality, and a fast manner of speech. He leverages blue eco, the energy of motion, as a form of electricity for his mechanical inventions, being described as a "mechanical genius".[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The Blue Sage's residence in Rock Village.

Prior to the events of The Precursor Legacy, the Blue Sage devoted himself to the study of blue eco, mastering magnetic motive force. Over many years of research, the Sage came to understand that blue eco was once the lifeblood of many Precursor artifacts. However, knowledge of how it was once channeled and controlled to activate the relics was lost to time.[3]

The Blue Sage meanwhile turned his focus to using his inventions to improve the lives of Rock Village, which he watched over.[3] He journaled his experiences with increasing lurker attacks on and near the village,[4] which the resident Warrior had been fending off for nearly a year before the events of the game.[2]

Eventually, a gargantuan lurker named Klaww arrived. The monster began bombarding the village with flaming boulders, prompting the Warrior to face him. Klaww utterly defeated the Warrior, and placed a thirty-ton boulder on the path to his volcanic roost, preventing anyone else from challenging him. The Blue Sage thus devised a blue eco-powered levitation machine, which could be used to lift the boulder. However, he was captured by Gol Acheron and Maia before he finished it, leaving the village to eventual ruin.[2]

The Blue Sage's levitation machine.

When Samos Hagai and Keira first arrived to the village, they began searching through the Blue Sage's journals, and gave Jak and Daxter missions based on them. Among these were: a dark eco infection of plants in Precursor Basin (the subject of the mission "Cure dark eco infected plants"); a lurker infestation in Boggy Swamp, wherein Gol and Maia planned to use a dirigible to lift parts of a Precursor robot out of the muck[4] (the subject of "Break the tethers to the zeppelin"); and a robber lurker who stole one of the Blue Sage's power cells and fled to the Basin (the subject of "Catch the flying lurkers").[5] The Blue Sage had also been studying the nearby lost Precursor city, discovering a mysterious underwater chamber that he had hoped to bring to the surface, but never succeeded (the subject of "Raise the chamber").[5]

The Blue Sage after being freed by Jak.

The Sage's captors imprisoned him at their citadel. His eco power, and that of the other sages, was to be used to power their salvaged Precursor robot, with which they planned to open the dark eco silos and reshape the world to their liking.

The Blue Sage complimenting Jak on his defeat of Gol and Maia.

The Blue Sage's rescue, the subject of the mission "Free the Blue Sage", would not come until some time later, after Jak, Daxter, Samos, and Keira made their way north (using the Sage's levitation machine and saving Rock Village in the process). After Jak and Daxter defeated Gol and Maia, the Blue Sage noted that Samos was right about Jak. He also noted that Jak had an incredible talent for channeling eco,[6] which was previously lost to time.[3]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Concept art of the Blue Sage.

The Blue Sage has a fast manner of speech and a high-pitched voice, relating to the fast and energetic nature of blue eco. Described as a "mechanical genius" by the Warrior[2] and a "master of magnetic motive force",[3] he utilizes electricity in the form of blue eco in his inventions, such as the levitation machine, the computers in his lab, and the conductor tubes on his head. He also uses a vocabulary common to electricity and its applications (such as "actuate" and "conduit").[7] The theme of electricity is also consistent with Rock Village's constant lightning storms.

The Blue Sage is a tall, lanky human with a light blue complexion, presumably due to prolonged exposure to blue eco. He wears a blue shirt, brown pants, and a metallic helmet with a series of blue conductor tubes around it, connected to a wooden barrel on his left forearm by a thick brown tube. He wields a long wooden staff, at the end of which is a blue-colored bulb which he uses to shoot eco energy. He dons a monacle, as well as a large, imperial-style mustache in the shape of a lightning bolt, light gray in color with blue highlights.

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