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The bone armor lurker[a] is an enemy in The Precursor Legacy. It is a lurker only seen on Misty Island. It was a bone armor lurker which confronted Jak and Daxter in the opening cutscene of the game, causing Daxter's transformation into an ottsel.


Bone armor lurkers appear to be an elite version of the babak, being similar in overall appearance but much larger. They have blue skin and fur, with armor made of bones of an unknown animal. Typical to all lurkers they have appendages of cartilage appearing as spurs growing along their jawline, large yellow eyes, and a thick, metal collar.


Bone armor lurkers attack with their large bludgeon, running straight towards the enemy, swinging their weapon in circles above their head.

It is useless to evade their attacks, however, performing an attack at the same time with them will not consume health, but stun Jak (with the same effect as hitting a wall), as well as making their helmet spin around and temporarily stunning them as well. It is sometimes possible to avoid them preemptively as you can most likely hear the clanking of their bone armor. Mud pits encountered in Misty Island can be used to avoid bone armor lurkers, as they will not follow you into the mud.

Take the opportunity to hit them once and then, before they fix their helmet, hit them a second time. Using red eco will allow for a one-hit kill.


  1. Otherwise known as the "bone lurker", though this is presumed to be a truncation of its full name.