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Breezy Valley is a location featured in Daxter. Daxter was first sent to Breezy Valley by Osmo after the bug alert inside the Kridder Ridder shop went off. For the impending mission, Osmo entrusted to Daxter his "pride and joy", the Betsy, an antiquated zoomer that had been in his family for centuries.[1] Daxter would need the crop duster to spray green gas over infested plants.[a] He afterwards had to exterminate plant-eating bugs from a larger plant, at which point a hive queen emerged, which Daxter then proceeded to chase and kill.

Daxter was sent once more to Breezy Valley by Taryn. This time, strange yellow creatures had been infected and Daxter needed to heal them. He afterwards had to take out a trio of hive queens.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The hut.

Breezy Valley is a relatively large valley, consisting of many alleyways, grassy plains, a large river, other bodies of water, a large amount of trees, as well as a diverse variety of other flora, and various mountainous structures that comprise the valley itself. It has very little fauna, but its indigenous species are indeed unique to it, such as the particular Breezy Valley hive queen as well as odd yellow creatures. Breezy Valley is located somewhere between Mountain Temple and Haven Forest,[2] but is only accessible via a teleport gate in the hangar area of the Kridder Ridder shop.

The larger plant.

Breezy Valley is notably reminiscent of Sentinel Beach and Precursor Basin from The Precursor Legacy. Similar to the former, there are is a small hut (which would seem to indicate that the area is either populated or controlled), windmills, and several narrow grassy cliffs along the mountainous walls. Similar to the latter, there are several small rivers throughout the area surrounded by grassy plains, as well as several vents that dispense a green gas (specifically, green eco at the basin) that were used to dispense over infected plants. There is also a similar larger plant upon which a mission was centered.

The small hut is located in the middle of the valley, and next to it are several large containers with glass windows connected to multiple pipes. Two of these pipes connected to one of the containers feeds directly into or from the river, while the rest connect to either windmills or vents. There are several other pipes throughout the entirety of the valley, and all seem to be interconnected. Given that Osmo knew about these, it is possible that these are his devices used to control the valley.

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