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Brink Island.


Pirate's Cove, home to Far Drop.

The Brink is a location visited in The Lost Frontier. It marks the proverbial edge of the world, as locations around and beyond its boundaries remain incomplete and abandoned by the Precursors who built the planet. The Brink is chiefly identified by a sudden break in the sea floor, falling to endless, foggy depths. Exposed Precursor architecture is also common, particularly as means of supporting islands or bolstering mountainous structures such as those seen near Brink Island.

There are but a few settlements along the Brink, such as Aeropa and Far Drop, and some notable locations beyond the Brink such as the Aeropan research rig and Sector Zero. Locations prior to but approaching the Brink frontier also show some signs of incompleteness, such as near the Aeropan barracks. Points beyond the Brink are considered dangerous and unstable, remaining mostly uncharted, abandoned, or rarely visited.


When the the world began running out of eco, Jak, Daxter, and Keira set out for the Brink on a mission to help save the planet. Upon arrival, the group ran into the Sky Pirates: a band of robbers who hunt the Brink for hapless travelers and rob them of their eco. They later met Duke Skyheed of Aeropa. He told them of the eco core, "one of the famed and mythic sources from where all eco flows",[1] and later about the eco seeker, a device intended to help find the eco core.[2] While the crew started out on the Brink, they ultimately found the eco core at a point beyond the Brink; the Aeropan research rig.

The first locale described as being on the Brink is the namesake Brink Island and its volcano.[3] Ruskin also implicated Aeropa as "out here on the Brink", in addition to Skyheed referring to their position as "on the edge of the world".[4] Daxter referred to Far Drop as "out along the Brink",[5] though it was somehow obscured from Aeropan detection.[6]

The Brink can otherwise be used as a reference point to deduce the placement of other locations visited in the game. The Aeropan research rig was referred to as a point beyond, and directly over, the Brink.[7][8] The Aeropan barracks is surrounded by sea, and is thus presumed to be situated before the Brink (but somewhat close in proximity to it, as there is a small, localized break in the sea).[9] Lastly, Keira referred to Sector Zero as "an old ship graveyard beyond the Brink."[10]