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Brutter is a minor support character in Daxter and Jak II. He is a lurker living in the Water Slums of Haven City,[1] and ran a trinket stand and fish cannery in the western Bazaar and Port of the city, respectively.[1][2]

History[edit | edit source]

Daxter[edit | edit source]

Brutter called Kridder Ridder to come exterminate metal bug infestations in his fish cannery. When Daxter had fallen into a cart full of fish, Brutter violently picked Daxter up mistaking him for a bug. When he realized who Daxter was, he set him down to continue his extermination mission, thereafter referring to him as "little orangey pal".[2]

Jak II[edit | edit source]

Brutter's trinket stand.

During Jak II Brutter served as a civil advocate for the liberty of lurkers who were used as slaves in the city at the time of Baron Praxis' rule, tasking Jak with the missions "Rescue lurkers for Brutter", in which Jak had to destroy Krimzon Animal Control prison zoomers and free the captive lurkers inside. After the death of Baron Praxis, Brutter became captain of the New Krimzon Guard.[1] He also still retained his trinket stand business, selling fish in the market.

Brutter later repaid Jak for his good deeds by giving him the location of a seal piece at his hut in the Water Slums, during the mission "Get seal piece at Water Slums". He also provided air assistance via his balloon as a means for transporting the rift rider at the Metal Head nest, proceeding after the mission "Defend stadium".

It is unknown what happened to Brutter after the formation of the Freedom League, as he is not seen during Jak 3 or any subsequent games.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Concept art of Brutter for Jak II.

Brutter is a babak with a primate-like body, purple fur, and large yellow eyes. He wears a torn, olden-style suit, glasses, and diaper-like britches typical to many lurkers. He sports some type of animal cloth around his neck, appearing to be multiple fox tails, orange in color, and formed in the shape of a necklace. He also wears two feathers on his head resembling the Jak and Daxter universe's humans' ears. Brutter's speech is fragmented and primitive, and one of only two lurkers known to speak and understand the human language, along with Barter.

References[edit | edit source]

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