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Promotional poster for a buggy.

Buggies are specialized vehicles that were used by Spargus citizens (specifically Wastelanders) during Jak 3. Similar to race cars, unlike the anti-gravity technology encountered in standard vehicles such as zoomers, airships, and other aircraft, these vehicles rely on four rugged wheels for traveling through the vast Wasteland terrain. They consist of an open chassis built of steel framing, mounted with engines, boosters, seating, and weapons.

All buggies (with the exception of the Tough Puppy) are equipped with on-board weapons, typically submachine guns, though in some cases (Dune Hopper, Dust Demon) use grenade launchers similar to the one seen in the Plasmite RPG. They also come equipped with turbo boost technology, the reserve of which can be charged with booster pick-ups dropped by destroyed marauder buggies, as well as in certain side missions. They also have jump jet capabilities, allowing their drivers to perform a small hop on command (though in the case of the Dune Hopper, the jump reaches incredible altitude).

Vehicle Description
Drivable buggies
Tough Puppy The first buggy earned by Jak, given from Kleiver. It was used mainly for training purposes, but also once to collect Precursor artifacts. It has no armor but instead a lightweight metal frame, and is capable of only below-average speed. It has no weapons, but a decent jump due to its light weight, as well as little skid.
Sand Shark The second buggy unlocked by Jak. It has dual submachine guns, average speed, a durable frame, and a poor jump. Due to its passenger capabilities (two seats) it is commonly used in rescue missions.
Dune Hopper Earned after completing the mission "Corral wild leapers", this buggy is used primarily for its incredible jumping capabilities, able to jump from island to island in order to reach Monk Temple, and in one instance the Marauder stronghold. Its boost is powerful, the flame exaggerated, and is mounted with two grenade launchers.
Gila Stomper A substantial, heavy-duty vehicle, this buggy was the vehicle of choice for Sig while travelling to the Metal Head nest and throughout the Wasteland. It is mounted with an auto-aiming machine gun, and is noted for its severe lack in speed and jump.
Slam Dozer (Ram 'Rod) The final buggy gifted to Jak, this vehicle was the choice for Damas' venture out into Haven City when Jak called for him. Similar to the Gila Stomper, this vehicle is slow but heavy-duty, loaded with substantial armor. The turret is similar to the Stomper's as well, but is unable to rotate a full 180° and fires red bolts instead of bullets. The turbos are meant mainly for breaking through sturdy objects, as they are infinite in supply and last for but a split second.
Heat Seeker A buggy available for purchase for 15 Precursor orbs, this vehicle is equipped with the turbo of the Dune Hopper and weapons of the Sand Shark. The tendency to skid is a little more than average due to its lightweight frame coupled with its high rate of speed.
Dust Demon Also costing 15 Precursor orbs, this buggy is equipped with the turbo and appearance of the Sand Shark but the weapons of the Dune Hopper. The only other things differing from the Sand Shark with regards to aesthetic is more armor, a bigger bumper, and higher-traction wheels.
Desert Screamer The most expensive buggy at a price of 20 Precursor orbs, this vehicle holds the fastest speed, armed with the turbo of the Dune Hopper and the traction of the Dust Demon. It has perhaps the highest rate of skid due to its high speed and lightweight frame, and its high-traction wheels tend to throw around a lot more soil. It is mounted with dual submachine guns, similar to the Sand Shark.
Factory car Technically not a buggy but identical controls, this vehicle is used in a similar manner as the Slam Dozer: it has an unlimited supply of turbo, and the boosts are short and quick, allowing it to bust through walls. Unlike the Dozer, however, this vehicle is incredibly lightweight, bearing no armor and mounted with no weapons.
Marauder buggies
Marauder buggy The standard Marauder buggies, driven by the Marauders, appear constantly throughout the Wasteland. Their turrets are slow to fire, have poor aiming, and their armor is incredibly weak. However, they compensate for that with numbers and tenacity. There also exists a stronger, elite version of this buggy for their leaders.
Marauder catapult A heavy duty military vehicle used solely for transporting flaming boulders and launching them towards a target from a distance. Used twice, once in an attack on Spargus' front gate, and again during Jak's attack on the stronghold.


The secrets menu offers a variety of buggy-specific secrets for purchase.

Secret Price Required mission Description
Upgrade Vehicle Toughness 15 Destroy metal-pedes in nest Increases the amount of damage a vehicle can take.
Unlock the Heat Seeker 15 Defend Ashelin at oasis Adds the Heat Seeker to the garage.
Unlock the Dust Demon 15 Race for more artifacts Adds the Dust Demon to the garage.
Unlock the Desert Screamer 20 Race for more artifacts Adds the Desert Screamer to the garage.
Unlimited Vehicle Turbos 30 Beat Cyber Errol boss Keeps the turbo slots infinitely full.