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Trophy: Unanswered
Capture 5 power cells before the opposing team captures any, in an Adventure mode Capture event. Bronze

Capture is a combat racing event featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. A competition based on capture the flag, racers are divided into two teams, red and blue, each with a base, appearing as a holographic sphere situated at opposing ends of the track.

The PlayStation 4 version has a trophy named "Unanswered". Capturing 5 power cells before the opposing team captures any, in an Adventure mode Capture event, will reward you with a bronze trophy.


One power cell spawns at some spot on the track, indicated by a white dot on the map, and the goal is to capture the cell and bring it back to your team's base, or protect your teammate, if they capture the cell, in their journey back to the base. When a cell is brought to a base, that base's team receives ten points and a new cell spawns. Additionally, one point will be awarded per one kill of an opponent racer. The goal is to finish the race with the most points when the four minutes are up, or to first achieve the required amount of points.

Similar to the turbo dash event, when a power cell is picked up, it will affix itself to the back of the race car. However, this time it will not provide a full turbo meter. When a capturer is killed they will lose the cell, leaving it available to be picked up by either team.


The best strategy is dependent on who has the power cell. If you have it, focus on boosting as quickly as possible back to your base while acquiring green eco and defensive red eco pick-ups to ensure you survive the journey. If a teammate has it, either focus on protecting them, depending on how much trouble they are in, or go kill as many opponents are possible to rack up single points, as the race could come down to that. This is also a good time to find as much green eco as possible if low on health.

If an opponent has acquired the cell, solely focus on firing upon them no matter the cost. A successfully captured cell will cost your team ten points and could lose the race for you.

If acquired, reserve tracking missiles, Vulcan Fury, shield system, and attack drone pick-ups, as these will prove most useful. If you acquire comparatively ineffective pick-ups, you may consider wasting them upon approaching another pick-up to increase your chances of acquiring something better.

Since speed and durability are more or less equal in value during this event, choose a well-rounded race car, focusing neither on outstanding engine/turbo nor superior strength and bulk, unless you are particularly better skilled with one or the other and have confidence in your ability to handle persistent targeting.

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