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The cargo transport is a type of zoomer seen in the "Hijack eco vehicle" and "Blow open tower door" missions in Jak 3. In the former it belongs to the KG Death Bots, until Jak steals it under order from Ashelin Praxis to take the on-board eco for the war effort. In the second one Jak instead has to guard it, as Torn attempts to reach the Metal Head city section to destroy the entrance to the Metal Head tower in the "Blow open tower door" mission.

Cargo transport concept art

Concept art of a cargo transport.

The transport vehicle for the most part consists of the flat uncovered area in the truck, which is where the cargo is kept, with some thrusters and steering fins at the sides and back. At the front end is the driver's seat. The vehicle lacks armor, however it makes up for this with an above-average speed and a remarkable accuracy in turning around corners, as it instantaneously responds to the command.