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The catacombs rail rider is a vehicular Precursor artifact seen in Jak 3. It is a small hub car used by the Precursors and possibly Mar to traverse the catacombs. The vehicle was used twice in the game, first in the Monk Temple in order to get to the eco mine, and second used to chase Veger to the Planetary Defense System through the catacombs network leading to the core of the world.

It has a hub-pod-like design with a yellow outer body and a blue glow which appears to give it both anti-gravity and propulsion similar to the JET-Board.


The vehicle can hover along the catacombs but always travels in a linear direction. There are certain panels along the ground which will speed it up, while others slow it down.[1] It could fall into an empty space, in which case it would crash. The lasers do not run out of ammunition, so they can be fired at enemies throughout the entire trip if desired.


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