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Trophy: Scout's Honor
Complete 'Catch scouts in Haven Forest' Bronze

Catch scouts in Haven Forest was a mission in Jak II. According to young Samos Hagai metal head scouts had been reported at Haven Forest, the source of his power. Jak was sent out there to chase down and destroy any Metal Heads he could find.

The PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of this mission are related to a trophy named "Scout's Honor", completing this mission will reward you with a bronze trophy.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

When you enter the airlock for Haven Forest you'll find the JET-Board, gifted to you by the mechanic. You'll need it to catch the scouts, five total, since they're too fast for you on foot. Haven Forest is a large area with many obstacles, making flying the jet board around difficult. Take your time to get the controls right.

When you approach a scout, it'll fly away at ground level, so chase it down. It's slightly faster than you, forcing you to cut corners to take it down (done automatically by hitting them). Each scout will fly in a fixed route when being chased, but be mindful that approaching it from the front will cause it to reverse its route in an attempt to avoid you. Use the map to find out where the scouts are and then hunt them down. The area is otherwise safe of dangerous metal heads making it one of the few safe missions.

Note that this mission is comparable to catch the flying lurkers from The Precursor Legacy, albeit more difficult.

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