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That hyper induction gun fires a bolt of electricity at your target and jumps to nearby enemies.

Daxter, The Lost Frontier

The chain lightning gun, also called hyper induction gun (H.I.G.) is an plane weapon featured in The Lost Frontier. It fires a pair of connected ball lightning that rapidly spin around as they fly forwards, exploding on impact or when an enemy is within range. The lightning within the fired spheres will then arc to the closest target and from there to any other targets in the direct vicinity, dealing damage to several enemies at once. This makes it highly efficient for targeting and destroying multiple groups of small and mobile enemies such as Aeropan fighters and repair tenders.

The chain lightning gun icon.

As more and more chain lightning guns are equipped, the total number of lightning spheres fired does not increase, but instead the rate of fire does. It is also important to note that any upgrades to this weapon do not increase ammo capacity and reload speed, even though both are quite sufficient. As far as damage is concerned, it still under performs in comparison to the Vulcan Cannon, though the sheer utility of this weapon makes it an easy choice for a majority of standard plane battles. It is also the most useful weapon for use during plane races.

Locations and availability[edit | edit source]

Number How to get Location and availability
1 Phantom Blade console After the mission "Escape the laser lab".
2 Daxterjacking After the mission "Escape the laser lab".
3 Phantom Blade console After the mission "Repel the Aeropan boarders".
4 Side mission Received from the Precursor statue at the old Aeropan barracks after destroying 9 dark eco crystals.
5 Phantom Blade console Only available in Hero Mode.
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