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Clean up the construction site is the second mission in Daxter. After the mission "Bring back 25 gems to the Concierge", Osmo contacted Daxter and told him to clean up the construction site. Partway through he met Taryn, who gave him the spray gun and aided him in taking out metal slugs and other bugs occupying a number of platforms.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After arriving at the construction site, you will have to use a zip line to proceed further into the area. Soon after landing, you will encounter metal backs and termites. Following a rather linear path, you will meet a new enemy known as the flanker. Beware of its agility, as you encounter these enemies throughout the level. Next, use the small trampoline to bounce up to a platform. Up ahead is a wrecking ball swinging dangerously close to a netting you must use to climb across a gap. Time your climb properly, lest the ball hits you will cause you to fall off and drown.

Afterwards, enter a pipe to begin a cutscene in which Daxter meets Taryn and receives the spray gun. The new weapon can stun enemies, allowing you to take down the new metal slugs you must now fight. These slugs will use ranged attacks and retreat underground if hit. Using the spray gun will stun them, causing them to stay vulnerable for attack long enough to be killed by the electric bug swatter. Taryn will operate a crane which is connected to a set of girders with netting attached to the bottom. Grab onto the crane and it will transport you to a new platform, which you will have to clear of bugs before you can go to the next.

After cleaning the platforms, you must continue along a linear path, crawl across horizontal pipes, climb up walls, and use trampolines all while fighting various metal bugs. At the end, you must use another zip line. This time, dodging various obstacles that you will encounter on your way down. Following the zip line, there is an elevator which takes you to a dark chamber, in which you must use a final zip line to reach the exit to the Industrial Section.

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