The Precursor Legacy subtitle

Climb the slide tube was a mission in The Precursor Legacy that Jak and Daxter completed to obtain a power cell. Once Jak reached the bottom of lost Precursor city and obtained the power cell, the dark eco levels suddenly began to rise. Jak and Daxter had to escape the silo and found another power cell at the top.


The goal is to use the ledges that lead upwards into the silo to escape before the dark eco levels overcome you. You will have to jump numerous gaps and sliding blocks, mow down some babaks and avoid red-hot pipes. There is some blue eco with a launcher at set intervals. At the end, a launcher will appear in the middle of the silo allowing you to escape. The power cell is in front of the exit door.


  • This mission is titled "Climb the slide tube", despite the fact that the slide tube is locked off from the bottom, and is therefore not climbable (only slideable). This mission actually takes place in a dark eco silo, and therefore should have been referred to as "climb the silo".