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The cloaker is an enemy in Jak II and Jak 3. It is a bipedal metal head using cloaking technology encountered in Haven Forest and later in Haven City during the metal head invasion of Jak II, and for a short period in Jak 3 during the mission "Destroy eco grid with Jinx" in Metal Head city.


Jak IIEdit

As part of the metal heads "testing" Haven City's defenses, new combat metal heads were deployed in Haven Forest. These new cloaker units were equipped with special camouflage abilities, where twenty four of them infiltrated the forest (along with six other spyder gunners),[1] which Jak and Daxter had to kill in the mission "Hunt Haven Forest metal heads"; a mission given to them by Sig, after Daxter boasted about his "killer instincts". Cloakers were used as travelers patrolling the area with spyder gunners being only a stationary guard.[1]

The cloaker was also one of the main three metal head units used by Kor to invade Haven City during Act 3 of Jak II.[2] They fought the Krimzon Guard alongside grunts and stingers. These units would attack guards as well as citizens and parked vehicles.

Jak 3Edit

Cloakers were only seen for a brief time in Jak 3. They could be seen running around and shooting their blasters from a distance only in Metal Head city but were not seen elsewhere.


Jak aiming at a cloaker

Jak pointing his Blaster at an invisible cloaker.

Cloakers are humanoid metal heads, and have their skull gem embedded in their chest. Their body closely resembles a rapid gunner, though they do not have hands, but instead have two large dark eco Blasters mounted to their arms. They are among the sneakiest of the metal heads, as they rely on their cloaking technology and continuously wander around the area trying to discreetly attack their enemy.

The cloaker is the only metal head with constant cloaking technology equipped. However, this deactivates if too much damage is dealt (usually around 50% to 75%).


A cloaker generally relies on its invisibility to attack. It will fire its blasters from a distance or otherwise try to sneak up on enemies and crush them between their blasters.

To defeat them, it is suggested to hide behind cover and work your way up to a close distance, as the cloaker will not fire its blasters if its enemy is too close. Once you are up close to a cloaker, use a kicking/punching combo in conjunction with the Scatter Gun or Blaster.


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