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Collect 30 gems from the tanker is a mission in Daxter. After chasing a prison zoomer, Daxter was rescued by Ximon and escorted in the company van to the tanker for a new job from Osmo.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Make your way across the swinging lifeboats at the start to enter the rear-end of the deck. Flying around here is a new enemy called the drifter. They spawn metal backs when you get too close, though in a limited amount. They can otherwise dodge all of your attacks for now, and do not count towards the amount of skull gems required to beat the mission. Make your way across the ship's deck, using moving platforms connected to cranes to move from area to area. Make sure to kill each bug you encounter as well.

After the second platform is a trampoline that launches you to another part of the ship. Move forward here, dodging a rolling barrel and using a sliding crate to your advantage to reach another trampoline which launches you into a smokestack. Many bugs inhabit the insides of the ship, and you will soon enough collect the necessary thirty gems. The remainder of the path is completely linear, and you are more likely to be tested by the numerous deadly pistons, rotating machinery, pumps, and poorly maintained pathways as you head toward the exit. Said exit is a series of trampoline jumps, which takes you to a final room in which you meet Tik, a friendly termite.

Tik helps you fry the circuit boards on a nearby computer in a minigame similar to others in the Jak and Daxter series. Maneuver Tik onto one of the four areas represented by the D-pad, and then press a face button when a corresponding icon comes close enough to light up. Repeat this until the game ends.

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