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Jak and Keira trailing Ashelin during a combat race.

Ashelin with her sights on competing racers.

Combat racing is a sport featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. It is a competition with race cars that takes place on race tracks within various sanctioned race events. It is the most popular sport in the world,[1][2] with Kras City being the home of Kras City Racing, administered by the Kras City Racing Commission, and the Kras City Grand Championship being its most watched event,[3][4] with two hundred million viewers worldwide.


Combat racing had been popular in Kras City for some time prior to Jak X: Combat Racing. It came to dominate the economics and politics in the city, at one point bringing in more revenue than the city's entire yearly budget,[5] and the tournament champion virtually running the city.[6] Combat racing was manipulated by a crime underworld dominated by two major gangs: Mizo's syndicate and Krew's family. Mizo eventually became Kras City Racing Commissioner while in disguise as "G.T. Blitz", by which means he would adjust the rules of the sport to make it more competitive,[7] as well as rig competitions.[8] In one such example, Mizo used this control to kill his neglectful father,[9] who was at one point the sport's best racer.[10]

Krew, meanwhile, primarily operated in the neighboring Haven City, and had never won a championship in his lifetime.[3] Prior to his death, however, he struck a deal with Mizo that whoever won the following year's championship would absorb the other's business, in order to avoid a costly gang war.[11] While Mizo had access to the best mercenary drivers money could buy, including the unretired champion Razer[12] and the deadliest reputed racer UR-86,[13] Krew fielded a team of contacts he had met in Haven City, including Jak, Daxter, Torn, and Ashelin. Krew's daughter, Rayn, oversaw the team through the course of the championship, ultimately winning the tournament in an upset, and killing Mizo in the process.[14] Rayn subsequently became Kras City's de facto ruler.[15]

It was not until this particular championship that combat racing spread outside of Kras City, for it was only a year prior that the two other participant civilizations, Haven City and Spargus, were embroiled in various conflicts. Upon arrival to Haven City, combat racing appeared to outmode the previously popular NYFE racing, and ultimately attained a viewership of two hundred million worldwide.[16]

Keira's training sessions[]

At the start of the game in adventure mode, Keira trains Jak on the basics of combat racing through five sessions with the Sand Shark. The first session takes place at the start of the Kras City race track, where Jak learns to accelerate, brake, reverse, and collect green eco pick-ups.

The second session takes place in the middle half of Icebound Citadel, where Jak learns to collect blue eco pick-ups for turbo boosting. The avalanching snow boulders usually present on this track are absent during the session. The third session takes place on Clifftop Battlefield, where Jak learns to perform power slides and get hang time.

The fourth session takes place on Frozen Speedway, where Jak learns to collect yellow eco pick-ups and destroys twenty drone vehicles. The fifth session takes place in the first quarter of Forbidden Jungle, where Jak learns to collect red eco pick-ups to deflect missile attacks when a spate of enemies ambush him during the session.

Kras City Grand Championship[]

The Kras City Grand Championship consists of four Eco Cups (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow), each with qualifying rounds and a final Grand Prix to proceed to the next Cup. Each Cup has a set amount of events spread out over different tracks. Contestants have to enter these events for medal points, which allow them to unlock new races. Three, two, and one medal points are awarded to the first, second, and third-place racers, respectively.

Winning both qualifying rounds and accumulating fifty medal points will qualify a racer for the Grand Prix. A Grand Prix consists of three races in a row, without breaks for car enhancements or replacement. The last race in a Grand Prix always takes place on a "tour" race track with only a single lap (except in the final race against Mizo). Racers earn Grand Prix points after each Grand Prix race, with the final rankings being determined by the aggregate Grand Prix score. In each race, the first place contestant earns ten points, second earns eight, then going down by two each, with the last racer earning one point.

Red Eco Cup[]

The Red Eco Cup.

In the Red Eco Cup, Jak started as an underdog before proving himself as a serious contender. After the second qualifying race, Mizo deployed UR-86, a merciless former KG Death Bot who had never lost in the Grand Prix of this event, according to G.T. Blitz.[17]

The Red Eco Cup tier of race cars includes the Road Blade and Basher to start, and the Dragonfly and Howler 99 after collecting 15 and 34 medal points, respectively.

Hub location Race track Race event Medal req. Introduced by
Spargus City Spargus City Circuit race 00 Keira
Freeze rally 04 Keira
Death race 39 Rayn
Precursor Temple Circuit race 26 Keira
Kras City Loading Docks Death race 01 Keira
Turbo dash 42 Keira
Dirt Stadium Deathmatch 01 Keira
Sport hunt 30 Rayn
Seaport Strip Circuit race 06 Keira
Mar Coliseum Deathmatch 45 Keira
Haven City Clifftop Battlefield Artifact race 09 Keira
Forbidden Jungle Freeze rally 22 Samos
Sewer Raceway Circuit race 48 G.T. Blitz
Icelands Icebound Citadel Death race 13 G.T. Blitz
Circuit race 20 Samos
Mountaintop Highway Turbo dash 17 Keira
Frozen Speedway Death race 25 G.T. Blitz
Timberline Track Rush hour 33 Sig
Qualifier 1 Dethdrome Circuit race 10 Keira
Qualifier 2 Kras City Circuit race 36 Keira
Grand Prix Kras City Circuit race 50 Keira
Spargus City Circuit race
Southern Tour Circuit race

Green Eco Cup[]

The Green Eco Cup.

In the Green Eco Cup, Kleiver entered the race as a hired mercenary for Mizo, though he claimed it was merely to settle the score with Jak from their race back in the Wasteland.

After beating the death race event at the Dethdrome, Kleiver becomes available as a racer in exhibition mode. The Green Eco Cup tier of race cars includes the Street Grinder and Hammer Head to start, and the Firebat and Roadhog after collecting 15 and 34 medal points, respectively.

Hub location Race track Race event Medal req. Introduced by
Spargus City Beachfront Drive Circuit race 00 Keira
Desert Arena Deatmatch 16 Sig
Canyon Run Rush hour 20 G.T. Blitz
Freeze rally 40 Samos
Badland Sanctuary Circuit race 29 Kleiver
Wasteland Isle Deathmatch 35 Rayn
Kras City Kras City Turbo dash 01 Keira
Death race 26 Samos
Waterfront Loop Freeze rally 04 Ashelin
Dethdrome Death race 12 Samos
Dirt Stadium Artifact race 44 Rayn
Western Tour Circuit race 47 Keira
Haven City Forbidden Jungle Circuit race 10 Ashelin
Death race 32 Kleiver
Clifftop Battlefield Sport hunt 15 Keira
City Outskirts Circuit race 22 Keira
Haven City Circuit race 38 Ashelin
Icelands Frozen Speedway Circuit race 07 G.T. Blitz
Qualifier 1 Atoll Arena Artifact race 03 Keira
Qualifier 2 Glacier Alley Circuit race 34 Keira
Grand Prix Forbidden Jungle Circuit race 50 Keira
Mountaintop Highway Circuit race
Northern Tour Circuit race

Blue Eco Cup[]

The Blue Eco Cup.

In the Blue Eco Cup, Jak accomplished shocking defeats, giving grave concern to Mizo. Mizo first deployed Razer out of retirement to defeat Jak. After Razer failed, Mizo extended to Jak and his team a deal that he would spare their lives if they dropped out. They refused, enraging him and leading him to wonder what Krew had on them. Rayn, so as to not leave anything to chance, also joined the tracks.[18]

After beating the Clifftop Battlefield deathmatch event, Razer becomes available as a racer in exhibition mode. Rayn becomes available after beating the Grand Prix. The Blue Eco Cup tier of race cars includes the Javelin X and Anvil RTX to start, and the Boomer and Havoc V12 after collecting 15 and 34 medal points, respectively.

Hub location Race track Race event Medal req. Introduced by
Spargus City Canyon Run Circuit race 03 Keira
Desert Arena Artifact race 07 Kleiver
Beachfront Drive Rush hour 12 Kleiver
Northern Tour Circuit race 17 Kleiver
Badland Sanctuary Death race 23 Keira
Spargus City Turbo dash 42 Keira
Kras City Waterfront Loop Death race 02 Pecker
Seaport Strip Turbo dash 14 Kleiver
Death race 48 Kleiver
Dirt Stadium Capture 22 Keira
Loading Docks Circuit race 25 G.T. Blitz
Dethdrome Rush hour 37 Keira
Haven City Eastern Tour Circuit race 00 Keira
Clifftop Battlefield Deathmatch 18 Keira
Waterworks Circuit Freeze rally 45 Ashelin
Icelands Icebound Citadel Freeze rally 02 Sig
Mountaintop Highway Freeze rally 30 Keira
Ice Pit Deathmatch 32 Ashelin
Qualifier 1 Kras City Freeze rally 19 Keira
Qualifier 2 Timberline Track Circuit race 40 Keira
Grand Prix Sewer Raceway Circuit race 50 Keira
Frozen Speedway Circuit race
Western Tour Circuit race

Yellow Eco Cup[]

The Yellow Eco Cup.

In the Mountaintop Highway circuit race, Mizo sabotaged Jak's vehicle, preventing him from using any weapons.[19] Keira later analyzed the vehicle, discovering that the explosives used were the same that killed Blitz' father years ago, information to which Blitz suspiciously acted indifferent.[20] Later, in an attempt to fracture and sabotage the team, Blitz revealed to Rayn on live television that Jak in fact killed her father. Rayn then stormed out on Jak, proclaiming she would win the championship herself.[21] For the final race, Mizo substituted a last-minute racer, who turned out to be G.T. Blitz. After Jak won the Championship, it was revealed that Blitz is in fact Mizo himself, leading to the final boss.[16]

G.T. Blitz and Keira are unlocked as racers after winning the Yellow Eco Cup Grand Prix. The last Eco Cup, the Yellow Eco Cup has no race car tier of its own; instead, all previous race cars are available for use.

Hub location Race track Race event Medal req. Introduced by
Spargus City Precursor Temple Death race 01 Ashelin
Turbo dash 36 G.T. Blitz
Spargus City Rush hour 21 Ashelin
Beachfront Drive Freeze rally 35 Keira
Wasteland Isle Capture 40 Keira
Kras City Seaport Strip Rush hour 04 Keira
Mar Coliseum Artifact race 06 Ashelin
Kras City Rush hour 16 Sig
Dethdrome Turbo dash 23 Pecker
Waterfront Loop Circuit race 46 Keira
Haven City Waterworks Circuit Circuit race 04 G.T. Blitz
Death race 29 Ashelin
Sewer Raceway Freeze rally 10 Ashelin
Clifftop Battlefield Capture 13 Keira
Atoll Arena Deathmatch 18 Keira
Icelands Mountaintop Highway Circuit race 00 Kleiver
Death race 44 Ashelin
Southern Tour Circuit race 25 Keira
Qualifier 1 Canyon Run Death race 09 Keira
Qualifier 2 Ice Pit Artifact race 33 Keira
Grand Prix Canyon Run Circuit race 50 Keira
Eastern Tour Circuit race
Dethdrome Circuit race

Mizo chase[]

After winning the Yellow Eco Cup Grand Prix, Mizo takes off with the antidote, forcing Jak to chase him. You will have to destroy Mizo's car (a pink and yellow Road Blade) by trailing him around the Western Tour track, specifically the middle half (from the Dethdrome to Kras City). Actually beating Mizo to the finish line will cause you to fail the mission. Instead, you must destroy his vehicle using the Vulcan Fury, grenade launchers, and tracking missiles (or the submachine gun if no yellow weapons are available). Failing to destroy his car will result in him escaping with the antidote.

Beware of getting ahead of Mizo, as he will likewise employ yellow weapons. Mizo will also use the saucer drone, attack drone, and oil slick red weapons. While Mizo has considerably higher health for his race car, he is not healed by green eco pick-ups, while you are.

Race events[]

Name Description
Adventure mode
Artifact race Competitors race to get the most Precursor artifacts before time runs out.
Capture A capture the flag-style race. Competitors are divided into two teams, red and blue, each with a base, appearing as a holographic sphere situated at opposing ends of the track.
Circuit race A lap-based competition wherein six racers (varies in exhibition mode) compete to finish a number of laps (anywhere from one to five, depending on the race track).
Death race A lone racer aims to destroy as many drones as possible within three minutes.
Deathmatch Six racers are pitted against each other in an arena track with the goal of executing ten opponent kills or having the highest score within four minutes.
Freeze rally A lone driver aims to complete a certain number of laps in the lowest amount of time. The driver can collect tokens to stop the clock for a varying amounts of time.
Rush hour Similar to the death race event, the objective is to destroy as many drones as possible; but this time by colliding into them head-on.
Sport hunt The objective is to kill the most targets, either dozers or raptors, within four minutes.
Turbo dash Racers must pick up power cells that give their race car an unlimited turbo meter, and are in turn charged via the vehicle's turbo boost. At 100% charge, the cell will launch forward with a potential to strike the nearest opponent, leaving the racer with a point and a weaker version of the land mine.
Exhibition mode
Assassin Similar to the deathmatch event, except the racer is assigned a single competitor to assassinate at a time, as indicated by crosshairs superimposed on the target's avatar.
Time trial The goal is to beat the highest score established either by yourself the first time through or by someone else if you are connected to the internet. As such, this event is used to challenge yourself and for practice, as well as to potentially establish a new universal high score.

Precursor orb winnings[]

Each race awards all players with Precursor orbs based on their ranking, total kills and deaths, total hang time, longest power slide, and the Cup in which they were playing.

Factor Formula Notes
Medal 500 × (7 – ranking) + 2,000 × cup multiplier The cup multiplier is only applied the first time you achieve an event's gold medal.
Kills 100 × kills Kills during death race and rush hour events award only ⅒ (10 × kills).
Deaths –50 × deaths
Hang time 100 × hang time Only the longest hang time is factored.
Power slide 0.25 × power slide Only the longest power slide is factored. This field is omitted for arena events.
Event winnings medal + kills + (–deaths) + hang time + power slide If the gross sum is lower than zero, the net sum will be zero.
Total winnings event winnings + current total The new total amount of orbs earned.

Associated trophies[]

Trophy data
Gold Standard: Red Eco Cup
Collect all gold medals in the Red Eco Cup. Silver
Gold Standard: Green Eco Cup
Collect all gold medals in the Green Eco Cup. Silver
Gold Standard: Blue Eco Cup
Collect all gold medals in the Blue Eco Cup. Silver
Gold Standard: Yellow Eco Cup
Collect all gold medals in the Yellow Eco Cup. Silver

Earning gold medals in the PlayStation 4 version of Jak X: Combat Racing is related to the trophies Gold Standard: Red Eco Cup, Gold Standard: Green Eco Cup, Gold Standard: Blue Eco Cup, and Gold Standard: Yellow Eco Cup. Collecting all gold medals in the Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Eco Cups, respectively, unlocks silver trophies.