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The Concierge, also known as the Hotelier,[1] is a character in Daxter. He was the owner[2] and clerk of the Westside Hotel, and asked the Kridder Ridder extermination company to get rid of a metal bug infestation there. When Daxter arrived on the site, the Concierge told him that the bugs had eaten the last exterminator alive, and that he did not have confidence in the diminutive hero's ability to fare better. He did note, however, that the hotel's best customer, Mr. Krew, would be happy to know of Daxter's presence.

The Concierge wears a red polyester jacket with two rows of brass buttons on either side of his torso, with a gold-trimmed mandarin collar, simple gold epaulettes on the shoulders, and large, gold-colored cuffs. He also wears eyeglasses low on his nose which lack temples and have very small lenses. He has black hair and a pointed mustache which splits at the philtrum. He is commonly seen with a telephone in his hand and affects a posh accent. He is noted for having a green thumb, the reason for the large amount of flora around the hotel.[2]

He is incredibly snarky towards Daxter, and is frequently forgetful and apathetic. Exhibitions of his poor memory include losing elevator keys, forgetting to give Daxter room keys, and forgetting to feed the killer plants, presenting a danger to Daxter during his mission. However, after Daxter succeeded in bringing back 25 gems to the Concierge, he expressed how Daxter exceeded his expectations, paid the extermination company in full, and immediately phoned Daxter's employer to leave a good review.

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