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A crate from The Lost Frontier.

The crate is a standard container used in Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3, and The Lost Frontier, used to contain ammunition, health packs, Precursor orbs, skull gems, and eco. It appears to be made primarily of a metal, usually having markings of whatever faction placed the box. In Jak II, the Krimzon Guard logo was seen with red markings, and in Jak 3, both the Krimzon Guard and KG Death Bots logo was seen (though the KG Death Bots crates were silver instead of red), as well as the Freedom League symbol with blue markings. In The Lost Frontier, crates were painted blue with an unknown logo planted on the top, and they were seemingly bigger than the crates seen in the previous games.

They are usually found in groups with other crates, and are used to store supplies, though were used by Jak to restock his ammo or regenerate his health or eco meter. Crates are found nearly everywhere, and where seen can usually tell the player that either civilization or enemies are ahead (unless the crates are placed strategically in secret areas).[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Using the JET-Board to break the crates results in whatever was inside automatically trailing into Jak instead of Jak having to pick it up.

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