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Cutter is a minor character in Jak X: Combat Racing. Described as an "enigma" whose "origins are unknown",[1] he participated in the Kras City Grand Championship as a member of Mizo's combat racing gang alongside Razer, Edje, and Shiv. It has been surmised by some that Cutter once lived with the Marauders in the icy north, and by others that he was born in an insane asylum in Kras City and somehow escaped.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The character was not featured very prominently during Jak X, therefore little about him may be deduced. He was first seen in the opening action sequence, chasing Jak through Kras City during Daxter's bar story narration. By the end of the chase, Cutter was the only one of the three "Kras City welcoming committee" drivers that survived the pursuit.[2] Other than this, Cutter used the Road Blade during the Red Eco Cup, Street Grinder during the Green Eco Cup, the Havoc V12 during the Blue Eco Cup, and the Street Grinder during the Yellow Eco Cup and exhibition mode.[3]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Cutter is a tall and husky human male, with a marauder's mask and a distinctive flame tattoo on his forearm, the latter of which is shared among all of Mizo's thugs. He wears a brown leather vest over an off-white muscle shirt, with thick green pants and blue boots.

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