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Dark Invisibility, also known as Shadow Invisibility, is a dark power used by Jak during Jak 3 after exposure to a dark idol in the Great Volcano. Normally, the dark idol would have turned its victim into stone (as seen with the monk), but for Jak it translated into power. Dark idols transmit the invisibility power to Jak on touch which enables him to bypass automatic security systems such as sentries, though, Jak is only translucent, not completely invisible (which enables the player to see Jak).

Dark Invisibility is also used while in combat; enemies will still walk up to Jak, but will not attack him (with the exception of Marauders).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At some point in the game, the player can buy a secret which enables Dark Invisibility on pressing Triangle.
  • This is the only dark power which Jak does not have to transform into Dark Jak to use. This is possibly because it came directly from the Dark Makers instead of part of his experiments.
  • This is the only dark power used for defense, oppose to offense, except for Invincibility.
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