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The Dark Maker bot is a remote-controlled mech used by the Dark Makers. Although never seen in actual combat, Jak incidentally controlled one using the Astro-Viewer in the mission "Destroy dark ship shield", during which Jak had to go through the ship to destroy the power source for the ship's shield, the destruction of which also resulted in the end of the robot he controlled. The robot is technically and mechanically a re-textured Titan Suit from Jak II, though in this context with a fitting dark-purple color scheme and a head on the front side, though in the mechanical aspect is the same vehicle as the Titan.

It is capable of dealing heavy blows with the two arms, commonly executing a left-right-left punching combination. These punches notably break through a trooper's shield with more efficiency in short-range combat. It can also use a couple of minor boost engines on the back to make short jumps as well as lift heavy objects. It is also capable of crouching down and activating a shield similar to that of the trooper units, similarly it can also be broken down by them which makes the mech vulnerable again. It is recommended to use it in case of emergencies only or when moving is not available (for example: when standing on a small moving platform).

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