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The dark eco plant is a boss-level enemy in The Precursor Legacy. It is a massively mutated dark eco plant located in the Forbidden Temple. The dark eco plant is the first boss in The Precursor Legacy, although its defeat is entirely optional. Living in the Forbidden Jungle's temple, the plant's roots have gradually buried into a pool of dark eco below, severely mutating it. The plant's vines extend into the Jungle outside and serve as minor but hazardous obstacles.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The dark eco plant is a large, plant-like mutation. Two of the plant's vines are wrapped through small canisters of dark eco, and it is likely that this is the source of the plant's mutation and violent tendencies. The plant blocks a launcher which can be used to exit the temple which can only be accessed after defeating the plant. If Jak jumps a few times on the dead dark eco plant's head, he will discover a small number of Precursor orbs.

It would seem that the dark eco plant is simply a natural entity, not bearing any allegiance to the Lurkers.

Vines[edit | edit source]

A vine.

The vines themselves are scattered throughout the jungle. They have a small attack radius in which they can reach and strike victims. It is possible to punch the vine and cause it to retreat underground momentarily though it will reemerge within a few seconds. Aforementioned, these vines will die once the boss is defeated.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The plant will first try to bite Jak, followed by the releasing aphid lurkers to attack him. If Jak is bitten by the plant with only one hit point left, the plant will throw Jak into the air, catch him in its mouth with a crunching sound and then swallow him. The plant's attacks are easily dodged by Jak, using rolls if necessary, and the bugs are easily defeated. Difficulty may arise due to the small area in which the fight takes place, leaving limited room for evading attacks.

After all of its bugs are defeated, the plant will grow two leaves and turn its head to the ceiling, creating an opening for Jak to climb up and smack its jaw. After three repetitions of the full cycle, the plant will be defeated.

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