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Dark ammo orb

A dark ammo orb.

The dark mod is a Morph Gun mod in Jak II and Jak 3. It is powered by dark eco and focuses on large-scale destructive power. It is the last mod acquired by Jak in both games, starting with the Peace Maker. It uses dark ammo orbs.

Peace MakerEdit

Peace Maker render

The Peace Maker

The Peace Maker is the first dark mod weapon, able to charge an electrical dark eco sphere by holding L1, and will seek out an enemy and destroy the surrounding objects as well after releasing the L1 button. All Peace Makers, including Sig's, have a Metal Head skull planted at the top, though it is unknown if this actually serves a purpose to the weapon, or is just there for decoration.

The Peace Maker was first received from Krew after the mission "Escort men through sewers". Jak received it in Jak 3 from Torn in the mission "Break barrier with blast bot".

Mass InverterEdit

Mass Inverter render

The Mass Inverter

The Mass Inverter is the second dark mod weapon in Jak 3 only, and will release a wave of energy which will allow anything within its field to float upwards and stay paralyzed, allowing its user to harm enemies as they stay still and float around. For reasons unknown, the Mass Inverter was christened the Mass Imploder in the PAL version of the game.

The Mass Inverter was first received from Ashelin after the mission "Beat Cyber Errol boss".

Super NovaEdit

Super Nova render

The Super Nova

The Super Nova is the third and last dark mod weapon in Jak 3. The Super Nova is a miniature nuclear bomb that will release a missile which will detonate and destroy everything within a large radius, leaving a mushroom cloud behind it. It is first received from Sig after the mission "Blow open tower door".