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Dark plants from TPL

Dark plants in The Precursor Legacy

Dark plants from Jak 3

Dark plants in Jak 3

A dark plant is any plant mutated or infected by dark eco. Most dark plants were known to infiltrate and spread at a fast rate, usually infecting other plants. Infected plants are characterized by the adoption of a dark purple complexion as well as growing unusually large. Dark plants are curable with high amounts of green eco, but if an entire patch is not cured, the remaining infected patch will spread and re-establish itself.


The Precursor LegacyEdit

The first dark plant seen in the series was the dark eco plant, a massive monstrosity that had tapped into some dark eco drums deep down in the Forbidden Jungle's temple. Its roots then spread through the temple and surrounding area, until it was killed by Jak. It is unknown why this plant did not appear like any other seen dark plants.

In the Precursor Basin Jak encountered a batch of infected plants. He restored them to normal health using green eco and the A-Grav Zoomer in the mission "Cure dark eco infected plants".

Jak 3Edit

In Jak 3, Samos commissioned Jak to cure infected plants in Southern Haven Forest in the mission "Kill dark plants in forest", where he had to use the JET-Board to distribute green eco from local vents to restore the infected areas of land.