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Location Precursor orbs
Haven City streets 45
Westside Hotel 50
Construction site 1 40
Breezy Valley 25
Brewery 50
Transit system 60
Strip mine 1 50
Tanker 1 60
City Port 30
Distillery 60
Fish cannery 60
Emerald Isle 50
Construction site 2 60
Strip mine 2 70
Lumber mill 70
Tanker 2 70
Baron's Palace 75
Prison 75
Dream mode 1

This is a walkthrough detailing the locations of the 1001 Precursor orbs in Daxter. Take note that the location names used in the headers are merely those corresponding with the ones used for each location in the in–game menu, and are thus not always accurate as to said locations' proper name on the wiki.

Early on some orbs are inaccessible, mainly those in the Industrial Section (City streets), and require items, devices or vehicles you gain access to later in the game. These orbs are will have a notable message accompanying them if a specific requirement is the case, but note that once you have said item or device there will not be accompanying notes in locations visited afterwards and your own judgment will have to suffice on whether or not you need a specific attachment to get an orb.


Haven City streets[]

  • 1/45 – From the start of the game, standing in front of the Kridder Ridder shop, there is a large light pillar to your left. The very first orb is directly in the center of it.
  • 2/45 – Turn right and walk towards the wall with the platform in front of it, about Daxter's height. On the right corner of that platform is a toolbox with a single orb inside; break it to take the orb.
  • 3/45 – Now head to the unfinished part of the road in front of you and a little to the left. Enter the left dirt path that leads to a small ravine beneath the two half–bridges above you. Down here is another toolbox.
  • 4/45 – While still inside the ravine, head back out from the other end this time and follow the large wall that is now on your left. Shortly you will arrive at a tall glass bottle standing on a higher platform to your left; smash it for a single orb.
Scooter required
  • 5/45 – The scooter enables you to cross the sections of road that have been removed, now serving as impromptu ramps to use and leap over the gaps. Do so with the one nearby the Extermination Shop and drive along the wall on your right, and in a corner stands some metal scaffolding. To the left of this stands a glass bottle that contains one orb.
  • 6/45 – Skip past the entrance to the Port and past the brewery, where there is another glass bottle with an orb exposed next to it.
  • 7/45 – Assuming the red security barrier is still in place, follow it and the wall and head towards the Westside Hotel. The wall on the right will half–way change from a blue gray into a yellow color; you can find the orb inside a glass bottle in an indentation in the wall.
  • 8/45 – Opposite the brewery is an upwards leading path that, for now, is the only way to access the overpass. Access it, turn left, turn right and drive straight ahead at the big red banner at the end. You will hit an orb that is floating in front of said banner.
Pressure boost attachment required
  • 9–11/45 – Return to the banner on the overpass and look left; you can see two gas clouds leading towards the construction site's exit, as well as two orbs on the metal barriers. There is one gas cloud in mid–air that is slightly below the height level of each overpass, so you will want to jump down then immediately start hovering. If done right you will grasp onto the edge at the other side and climb up. From here, with sufficient gas in your spray pack, jump off the platform and hover alongside the outer section of each barrier to grab both orbs. The last orb hides on top of an exhaust vent between the platform you are standing on and the Kridder Ridder shop. Hover towards it and land on top of the vent.
  • 12/45 – Take the scooter to ground level towards the construction site, in the far right corner stands a large exhaust vent. On a pipe behind it lies an orb, to get it you must stand on the nearby elevated metal platform and use the spray gun's pressure boost attachment to fly yourself over to the orb.
  • 13–23/45 – A very large cluster of eleven orbs is visible above the awning used by the Westside Hotel. To actually get there you will need to stand on the overpass, near the corner that is closest to the part of the road down below that is under construction. You then have to jump down said corner, enable your spray gun's hover ability and fly yourself over to the orbs.
  • 24/45 – This orb is hidden behind one of the support pillars underneath the overpass opposite the extermination shop. Stand on the metal platform used to support the toolbox from orb no. 2 and hover towards the orb. You might appear to come up short but you will manage to collect it if done right.
Power station access required
  • 25/45 – After defeating the Altum sonatur queen, you will gain access to the power station, disabling part of the barrier for you. Hug the wall leading from the brewery to the overpass ramp, which you will want to ignore, and destroy a glass bottle behind it for an orb.
  • 26/45 – Ignore the nearby orb next to the pillar and head for the remaining barrier on this part of the section. There is a toolbox next to it on a metal platform, smash it for an orb.
  • 27/45 – Now make your way to the top of the overpass, stand inside the L–shaped corner and jump down; start hovering and fly towards the orb next to the support pillar.
  • 28/45 – Opposite the power station you can see a long trail of gas clouds leading into the sky. Prepare for a lengthy hover trip as you use the gas clusters to refill your spray pack in mid–air. One orb is collected midway until you get to stop at an unfinished section of the overpass, which is unreachable by other means.
  • 29–40/45 – A large cluster of twelve orbs is located on top of this section, spaced out in an even circle.
  • 41–44/45 – Head into the power station and on the first bridge (or the second, either will do). Look to your right to see a trail of gas clouds and orbs. Follow it by hovering with your spray pack for a total of four orbs.
  • 45/45 – The last orb is very well–hidden from view. It is behind the warp gate inside the power station.

Westside Hotel[]

  • 1/50 – Upon entering the hotel, turn a sharp left and jump onto the flowerbed that will be on your right to find a lone orb hidden among the plants.
  • 2/50 – Another orb is located on top of the fountain in the center of the room. You can get on top of it by standing on the edge of the basin, then jumping up through one of three ridges atop the higher rim of the fountain.
  • 3–10/50 – To the left of the Concierge's room is a flowerbed, and behind it a scalable grating on the wall. Climb it and then crawl through a small opening on top of the wall to find a hidden part of the room with a cluster of eight orbs.
  • 11–12/50 – After using the elevator and entering the arboretum you will cross a wooden bridge with some broken planks. Jump down into the dirt area below to collect two orbs.
  • 13/50 – Past the second killer plant there is a large collection of plants in the corner. A single orb is hidden behind them.
  • 14/50 – There is a single orb on the grating behind the first metal bug you encounter.
  • 15/50 – ...and another one hidden in the flowerbed directly behind the wall holding up the grating.
  • 16–17/50 – Up ahead is a small lake with several lily pads. Use them to reach the patch of ground on the left that is connected to the larger ramp, and in a corner here is an orb. You can then use the ramp to double jump up to a lone floating platform back where you fought the two metal backs to get another orb.
  • 18/50 – After the part where you use wall jumps to reach the next area (leaving behind an orb unreachable for now on another lone platform) you follow a path leading down a couple of platforms. Turn around here to find an orb hidden on a ledge behind you and the platforms.
  • 19/50 – Sneak past the killer plants and engage the termites behind them, another orb is located there in the grass.
  • 20–25/50 – At the end of this room you will have to slide down a pipe and six orbs are located inside. The first one you can grab without effort, the second and third ones require you to jump. For the fourth one you must hold left, where after you must quickly switch to holding right to grab the last two.
  • 26/50 – This one cannot be missed, as it is directly beneath the door you must crawl under to continue the level.
  • 27/50 – On top of the bed in the next room.
  • 28/50 – Inside the large jug on top of the dining table in the next room, smash it to grab it.
  • 29/50 – Beneath the same dining table, you can crawl to get it.
  • 30/50 – In the passage that is behind the big chair at the end of the table lies an overturned couch; a single orb hides behind it.
  • 31/50 – There are no orbs in the next room, but the one after that has another unmissable orb you have to collect to proceed with the level. It's right in front of an air duct you will crawl through.
  • 32–44/50 – A large number of thirteen orbs are located through the second sliding section of the Hotel. This one is much longer and wider than the first one, as well as featuring obstacles you must avoid or jump over.
Pressure boost attachment required
  • 45/50 – Using the attachment, head for the orb mentioned during orb eighteen near the area where you need to wall jump upwards. Turn around here and use the spray gun to hover onto the lone platform to grab this orb. It is possible without pressure boost to double jump + square and grab the platform from ontop of the wall jump area, might take a couple of tries and good timing with jumps.
  • 46–49/50 – After sliding down the pipe, head left and then look right; you can see a large gap with two globs of spray gun juice in mid–air. Use these to refill your spray pack in mid–air to continue hovering. Then, enter the room on the left and use the bed to trampoline yourself up a ledge to find a cluster of four orbs.
  • 50/50 – The last orb is located across another gap that requires to pressure boost attachment. Said gap is to the opposite of the entrance to the second sliding section. This gap can also be jumped without pressure boost, just like orb 45, this time requiring even better timing. The orb is then on top of a pile of waste in the left corner.

Construction site 1[]

  • 1–5/40 – Grab onto the zipline and time your swings to the left or right to grab any orbs not directly in your path.
  • 6/40 – Visible as you head down the zipline, this orb is hidden behind a red barrel located behind you as you land on the ground.
  • 7/40 – After finishing a fight with two metal backs, destroy both of the bags in this area. One of them contains an orb.
  • 8/40 – Eventually you will reach a trampoline made out of cloth and rope, with an orb high above it. To reach the orb you must use a double jump from the wooden platform next to it.
  • 9/40 – That same platform holds a toolbox with an orb inside.
  • 10/40 – Climb the nearby wall to find another orb on top.
  • 11/40 – After using the netting to climb across the gap, you must stand on top of a large steel girder being moved slightly left and right by a crane. An orb is floating in the air to your left, wait for the girder to move towards it.
  • 12/40 Instead of continuing through the grey pipe, jump ontop of it, turn around, jump ontop of two crates and fall down between the stacks of crates, grabbing the orb tucked on a very small crevice. If this proves too difficult, come back later when you have the pressure boost and glide to the orb from the girder mentioned before.
  • 13/40 – After meeting with Taryn, crawl under a nearby table for another orb.
  • 14/40 – In one of the small bags next to the first metal slug.
  • 15–16/40 – After the first crane ride, drop down and kill the bugs on the platform. There is one orb each in opposite ends of the platform, tucked away in a corner. One of them is hidden behind a big crate.
  • 17/40 – On the edge of the second platform sits a single orb.
  • 18–19/40 – After clearing the third platform, take the crane to the next part of the level. Here, next to a metal back and a flanker, is a toolbox and another bag. Destroy both for an orb.
  • 20–21/40 – Crawl through a small pipe to get past the large crates, then turn around and double jump up to the big crate behind you. From there you can easily reach two orbs as well as a combat bug token.
  • 22–24/40 – Just ahead is a thin pipe you have to climb while crawling. The first orb cannot be missed and the same goes for the second one on the second pipe. After this is a platform with some termites and a third orb hidden inside a bag.
  • 25–26/40 – Up ahead, after crawling through another pipe, you enter an enclosed room. To your left is an orb under the table and in front of that is a toolbox with an orb inside.
  • 27/40 – Scale the nearby wall and jump down onto the trampoline for another orb.
  • 28–30/40 – Use the trampoline to jump the gap, then look to the right and down. A small cluster of three orbs sits on a stack of crates.
  • 31/40 – After killing the last flanker, jump the gap ahead to grab an orb on a stack of crates.
  • 32/40 – Before jumping onto the zipline, turn to your left for an orb hidden behind the large steel girder.
  • 33–35/40 – Three orbs are collected while traversing down a second zipline, they do not require you to swing in any direction, but you must do so either way to dodge the obstacles.
  • 36/40 – After the zipline and before the elevator, look slightly above the toolbox to find an orb that is normally a tiny bit outside the camera's view. Stand on top of the toolbox and double jump to grab it, using the pressure boost attachment can give you the edge you might need.
  • 37/40 – After exiting the elevator you will enter a large enclosed room; to your left is an orb in clear sight.
  • 38/40 – In the same room is another orb, but this time it is hidden behind some barrels in the corner to the right, past several other junk items.
  • 39–40/40 – These two orbs are easily missed, as they are right behind an obstacle which you have to dodge. Dodging too late means you also swing past the orbs, so make sure to time properly and dodge early enough to grab them.

Breezy Valley[]

  • 1–3/25 – Essentially unmissable, these three orbs are lain out along the path leading from the warp gate into the valley.
  • 4–8/25 – Right after the second plant, hug the right wall and use the odd growth of mushrooms and roots to ascend into the air, grabbing three orbs along the way. You will land in the vicinity of another two orbs that lead up a natural ramp.
  • 9–10/25 – Using the zoomer's hop ability, cross the two gaps and stop for a second to grab a lone orb on a platform that juts out from the rest. Then follow this path down to the big flower to grab another orb.
  • 11/25 – Return to the first flower, keeping the warp gate path at your back, and turn left into the river for another orb.
  • 12–13/25 – Following the river, hug the left wall to eventually head up a tall natural ramp along the cliff face. Two orbs are at the top.
  • 14/25 – Race along the cliff–face path for an orb at the end.
  • 15–16/25 – Instead of turning around, continue into the small canyon in front of you; two orbs flank a token at the end of this path, next to a waterfall.
  • 17/25 – Return to the location of the 14th orb (instead of heading down the big second waterfall) and jump the gap (over that same waterfall) to continue along the path. On your right will be a small house with a bright red roof, an orb rests on top.
  • 18–19/25 – The following two are on one of the tiny islands to be found in the river, right after the second waterfall.
  • 20–21/25 – From that same island, if you look in the direction of the big plant, you can see a large rock jutting out towards the water. Two orbs will be floating right in front of it and high above the water's surface, build up some speed to grab these while using the rock as a ramp.
  • 22/25 – Assuming that the position of the warp gate is in the south end, then this orb can be found on top of some mushrooms on the south side of a tree in the north–eastern corner, next to the path that leads past the red–roofed house from earlier.
  • 23/25 – Keeping the second waterfall at your back, hug the right wall until you spot the orb early on on a patch of land.
  • 24–25/25 – Easily missed due to the lack of a good draw distance, these two orbs are hidden on top of a massive stump located on your left as you enter the valley. From the large plant's position, race south and use the large mushrooms on the right of the 'entrance' to ride up and into the stumps. The last two orbs sit here, next to a bug cage.


  • 1–3/50 – The first three orbs are hidden behind and underneath the Barmaid's bar. To grab them, destroy the glass panels and then walk up to each orb.
  • 4/50 – After walking down the stone stairs and entering the first room, make an immediate left for an orb hiding behind a barrel in the corner.
  • 5/50 – Inside a bottle on a high–up plank on the right wall upon entering the second room.
  • 6/50 – In the same room, but on the left side this time and floating high above a crate.
  • 7/50 – Next to a bug juice vial in a small room connected to the second one, only accessible by crawling underneath some rubble.
  • 8–11/50 – In the third room are four orbs, all easily visible. The first two are right in front of you, requiring the hover ability to collect. The third is in the lower section and the last one is one is at the platform in the furthest corner, next to a single metal creeper.
  • 12–14/50 – In the next passage you will have to use your spray gun's flammable gas to boost yourself up when hovering to grab three orbs that are high up in the air.
  • 15/50 – The fifteenth orb is tricky; using the fire boost from the previous passage you must use a couple of mid–air gas clusters to refill your spray pack and keep hovering. The fire boost ensures you have enough lift to get to the orb and the gas you collect mid–air means you will reach it before the pressure boost attachment runs out. The orb itself is at the end of the gas clusters, next to a wooden beam in the fifth room.
  • 16/50 – This orb is on the other side of the aforementioned wooden beam, though you can grab this one while hovering normally.
  • 17–19/50 – Inside the second passage this time; just like before, use the mid–air gas clusters to keep hovering and grab each of these three orbs in a row.
  • 20–23/50 – These are rather troublesome, though dying and collecting only one at a time is a viable tactic. There is a small circle filled with gas clouds and in total four orbs, high up above a gap. Hover around, grabbing clouds to stay up in the air, and take each of the four orbs.
  • 24/50 – Jump down from the wooden platform up ahead and turn around, the orb will be right behind you.
  • 25–26/50 – In the room with the big spiderweb blocking the door way (before the slasher) is a plank on a wall with bottles on top, break one for an orb, then jump towards the second orb floating in the air.
  • 27/50 – There's a single orb in the room with the slasher, stand on the nearby chair and jump towards it.
  • 28–30/50 – After the first slasher is a large grating you must climb, halfway through you can see three orbs, but access is barred by some pipes. To get there, jump down from the top of the grating and start hovering at around the height of the orbs. Then simply head directly towards them and latch onto the grating supporting the orbs.
  • 31/50 – An orb is hidden behind a pipe on the right, after the second set of pipes spewing hot steam.
  • 32/50 – After another big spiderweb, this orb can be seen near the ceiling in front of you.
  • 33–36/50 – Utilizing your hover skill, fly to the first orb on the platform to the right. Then make a lazy half–circle following the trail of gas clouds in the air to land on another platform opposite the room with three more.
  • 37/50 – This one is visible in front of the doorway leading to the next room, hover towards it to get it.
  • 37–39/50 – Three orbs and a long trail of gas clouds signify another pressure boost challenge above a large bottomless pit, the gas and orbs make a vague S–shaped path through the air.
  • 40–43/50 – There are no orbs in the large room after the siderweb, but after that one is a small roob with four orbs inside. Three can be collected by jumping down to the left from your starting platform, the fourth one by hovering to the one on the other side of the room.
  • 44–46/50 – After restoring pressure to the taps and draining the room, jump down and look around for these three orbs in the lower section.
  • 47/50 – Afterwards is a long climb upwards, use wall jumps to shorten the time needed to climb up and simultaneously grab this one orb floating in the middle.
  • 48–50/50 – These last three orbs are well hidden and actually accessible upon entering the brewery, though easily missed. On the inside of the building there is a small set of netting next to the exit, use it to climb to a platform above the door and grab the first orb. The last two are directly above the bar, use your spray gun to hover onto the chandelier and then towards the last two orbs.

Transit system[]

  • 1–2/60 – In the room with the two metal klaws, there is one orb in the corner to the right and one to the left, behind a pillar.
  • 3/60 – In the room with the two metal backs, in front of the subway trains racing past, is a small trashcan. Hit it for one orb.
  • 4–5/60 – In the next room, with two metal klaws, one orb sits on top of a pipe sticking out of the wall. Hover towards the pipe to lift yourself up on it, then turn towards the nearest corner and hover into a second orb on an even higher pipe.
  • 6–8/60 – Jump onto the rail and start sliding down, one orb will be on your right and a second on your left. At the end you land on a train and the third will be immediately in front of you.
  • 9–12/60 – Ride the subway train until you have to hover onto a second one on your left, be fast as the next four orbs are right on top of it in a straight line.
  • 13–18/60 – After avoiding some electric panels and obstacles is another switch moment. Jump onto the subway train on your right, turn around and grab three orbs, then quickly jump onto the one coming from the left and grab another three orbs.
  • 19/60 – Right after hovering over a number of electricity covering the subway train's ceiling, you can grab a single orb.
  • 20/60 – Another switch moment, and after jumping onto the next train the twentieth orb can be grabbed right away.
  • 21/60 – After jumping off the last train and to safety, check the second part of this unmoving cargo train; there is a small opening between some of the boxes. Down here is a single trash bin, hit it to reveal an orb.
  • 22–28/60 – These seven orbs are spread out over the sides of the machinery in the turbine room, hard to miss as they are placed intermittently in the only safe spots on the machine.
  • 29–34/60 – In the room with the last few metal bugs, two klaws and creepers, there is a small side room high up in the air. To reach it, start hovering from the elevator before it has started going down and head for the golden glow of a battle token that sits in front of a cluster of six orbs.
  • 35–41/60 – Now grasp onto the rail and slide down, grabbing three orbs by swinging. Land on a moving subway train at the end and prepare to move left to grab a trail of four more orbs.
  • 42–60/60 – The final nineteen orbs are quite difficult and might require multiple tries. After landing on the train you will have an opportunity to jump onto another train to the left, even though this is not apparently required. Do it either way, as the final orbs are spread out in a long trail across the other train's path. When on the other train, you will only need to stay in the middle to automatically grab each orb. Hovering is only required to dodge the horizontal beams of electricity.

Strip mine 1[]

  • 1–3/50 – Past the moving walkway at the start, jump onto the crate to your left and hover towards the one on the right, grabbing one orb in mid–air and another while landing. A third orb resides on a third crate on the other side of this open area.
  • 4–6/50 – Take either of the two passages beneath the massive cylindrical machinery on the left and collect three orbs in this area.
  • 7/50 – Another orb floats high in the air above the dark eco lake in the back of this space, use your hover ability to grab it.
  • 8/50 – Climb the metal walkway on the right end, close to the moving walkway on the ground, and flip the lever at the end. Then hover over to the orb that is floating high up in the air next to a pillar supporting the now rotating machine.
  • 9–11/50 – Return to the first area and head past the curved wall and into passage on the right for two visible orbs and a third hidden inside the toolbox.
  • 12–16/50 – Now return and climb the large curved wall with the orbs spaced out in a vague Z–pattern, for a total of five orbs.
  • 17–18/50 – At the top, smash a hardhat for another orb and grab one in the back next to the wall as well.
  • 19/50 – The lever you flicked earlier set that massive cylinder in motion, it is the one on your left while climbing the wall. Enter it and grab the grab by hovering on the other side.
  • 20–23/50 – Crawl down onto the nearby conveyor belt and move safely underneath the grinder. Quickly jump up and hover to the left and then use the fire up ahead to boost yourself onto the higher ledge past the gap. From here on, take a right and hover to the other side of the wall for a cluster of four orbs, next to a bug juice vial. Then, return to the area with orb no. 16.
  • 24/50 – Head into the passage on the right and hover yourself onto the metal platform. Turn around and hover yourself onto the grating with a single orb, then climb to the top.
  • 25–27/50 – Turn around once more to see three orbs floating above the platform from earlier, hover towards them and then drop down, return to the high ledge overlooking the machine.
  • 28–29/50 – You should now be standing on a ledge, overlooking the top of the rotating machine with two orbs in the distance. Fly over towards the machine and from there grab each of the orb, you might need to make multiple trips, but it is possible to grab each orb without falling down by making a curved arc in the air, instead of straight ahead and back again.
  • 30–37/50 – Once again return to the area with the conveyor belt, this time continuing into the passage as normal. You will have to go through a lengthy section with a 2D camera until finally you reach an elevator. In this new area, with a large dark eco lake, hover to a ridge on the right to find a cluster of eight orbs.
  • 38/50 – One way or another, make your way to ground level in front of the walkway down below, smash the hardhat here for an orb.
  • 39–41/50 – There are three orbs past the moving walkway, they are on the right in front of the wall.
  • 42–45/50 – Four more orbs can be found spaced alongside a ledge overlooking the lake. To get there, move left and up onto the higher platforms, the orbs are past a trio of flankers.
  • 46–49/50 – Another cluster of four orbs is located on top of the mount of dirt close to you, double jump then hover forwards to glide to the top.
  • 50/50 – The last orb in the mine can be found high in the air, next to the wall opposite the mount of dirt, over the moving walkway. Glide towards it to grab it.

Tanker 1[]

  • 1–2/60 – The first orb is in between the second and third lifeboats, the second orb is on a metal platform past the third one.
  • 3–8/60 – Move through the opening onto the ship's deck where you can find a total of six orbs, three of which are nearby and located inside small casings with a glass panel, smash to take them, another three are out in the open on the portside (that is, left side) of the ship.
  • 9/60 – Use a nearby moving platform attached to a crane to access a different part of the ship, at the end you jump off and land next to an orb.
  • 10/60 – Ignore the trail of orbs in the air and jump down onto the ground below, on the right side is a crate moving left and right, wait for it to move aside and grab an orb behind it.
  • 11/60 – In the back, climb onto the crates using some netting, then grab the nearby orb between a pair of crates.
  • 12–17/60 – Now turn around and hover around to collect the seven orbs in mid–air.
  • 18–20/60 – Return to the crates and jump down the other side, after which you must crawl underneath the pipes on your right. You can find three orbs in this part of the area.
  • 21/60 – Using the grating on the wall, climb to the top of the platform, then take note of the metal platform notably different from the others in the middle. It will collapse when you stand on it, so be quick to break the glass panel holding the orb on the left of it.
  • 22–23/60 – You can see two orbs floating in the air, next to the moving crane platform. Hover to grab them.
  • 24–32/60 – Use the platform to reach a new area, this part is fairly straight forward; there will be one orb in front of you, one orb at the end past the ropes, two orbs on the ropes themselves, one orb in mid–air next to the ropes (requiring hovering), one orb above the trampoline and the last two are collected while landing after being launched into the air.
  • 33–34/60 – After landing climb to the top of the crates and turn around for two orbs, each above a separate crate.
  • 35–36/60 – The next two orbs are in the part with the large moving crate, the first is on the right side of the wall behind a glass panel (sometimes blocked as the crate slides to the right), the other a little into the air slightly further ahead.
  • 37–43/60 – Jump onto a second trampoline up ahead and grab four orbs while falling down a large smokestack, and then another three at the bottom.
  • 44/60 – Past all the moving machine is a single orb on the left wall, behind a glass panel.
  • 45–46/60 – Climb to the top of the wall using the grating, then turn around and climb the grating on the other side of the wall. At the top you can find two orbs.
  • 47–48/60 – Continue through the level and move past a large circular spinning machine, one orb will be in front of you, a second behind a panel on the right.
  • 49/60 – After crossing the dark eco pool, another orb behind a glass panel hides behind a gas cluster on the left.
  • 50–51/60 – Afterwards you will have to go through another smokestack shaft, this time with a large spinning platform, stand on top of to grab two orbs in the air.
  • 52/60 – This orb is found floating in a low position over a part of the dark eco pool in the long–winding corridor up ahead.
  • 53/60 – At the end of this tunnel you can find a lone orb behind a panel of glass on the wall.
  • 54–57/60 – These orbs reside on the large curved wall with three creepers on it, climb to the top to grab another one on a ridge behind you.
  • 58/60 – After climbing the wall and going through a doorway, turn around and look left for an orb behind a glass panel.
  • 59–60/60 – The last two orbs are at the end of the level, before the trampolines. One is behind a panel in a corner to the right, the other is visible from there and in the next room on the left. Both of these are after the tough platforming corridor previous to this.

City Port[]

  • 1/30 – You will enter the Port the first time after clearing the tanker. The first orb will be visible on top of a large crate to your right, use one of the raised portions of the road's edge to double jump and hover towards it to grasp onto the edge.
  • 2/30 – The second orb is in a similar position on the other side of the tower, the crate this time might be too high, but you can safely fly onto the barrel next to it and then make it from there.
  • 3–9/30 – There is only one road leading away from the tower, to the right of said road once can see a long trail of gas clusters leading over the water, follow it at the correct height to keep flying long enough to grab seven orbs in the middle of the flight.
  • 10/30 – Drive over the road towards the other side, nearing the end you can see an orb tucked in a corner of the wall in front of you.
  • 11–13/30 – Turn left and head for the bridge leading over a number of pipes, three orbs are hidden underneath.
  • 14–16/30 – Drive over the bridge and look underneath the other side for another three.
  • 17–25/30 – Opposite the entrance to the fish cannery is another large trail of gas clouds and orbs, totaling nine orbs.
  • 26–30/30 – Now enter the entrance to the fish cannery. The last five orbs are hidden in a small cluster underneath the conveyor belt, directly in front of the door leading into the actual interior of the building.


  • 1–6/60 – The first six are located in a tiny cluster beneath a panel next to a crate in the left corner of the first room after entering the building.
  • 7–9/60 – These three are visible past a tall barrier, spanning a gap. They require the new flamethrower attachment to make collect due to their and the barrier's height.
  • 10–14/60 – Shortly after you will reach an area with containers hanging from the ceiling, jump onto the one nearby, then turn right and glide to a partially hidden chamber on the right side. Four orbs surround a bug cage. Another container hangs further to the right, make your way to that one to grab a fifth orb.
  • 15/60 – Return to the normal path and once on top of the third container, turn around and fly towards a single orb high up above the second.
  • 16–18/60 – A short while later you will have to jump down into another room, you can grab two orbs while jumping. If you miss them, fire–hover below them to grab them both. A third orb is hidden inside a glass bottle next to where you land.
  • 19–21/60 – At the next container section, grab onto one as they move above you and hit the three orbs that pass by.
  • 22–25/60 – After dropping down and grabbing on again, repeat this for another four orbs.
  • 26/60 – Drop down again and stop before entering the next room, there is a tiny glass bottle with an orb tucked away in a corner to your left.
  • 27/60 – Another orb is hidden inside a bottle, again to your left, but this time in the room itself.
  • 28/60 – In the same room there is an obscurely well–hidden orb directly above the doorway, but placed directly behind the lamp which is attached to said doorway, making it almost impossible to notice without knowing where to look.
  • 29–36/60 – Enter a massive chamber filled with a purple–red liquid. The liquid will start to rise so make your way across the platforms on the right. After a few jumps you can see a platform beneath another one, with a large group of orbs on it.
  • 37–44/60 – And a few seconds later a second platform with another group of orbs will be up for grabs.
  • 45–46/60 – After the rising liquid chamber is a normal room, two orbs can be seen in the air in the center.
  • 47–48/60 – The next part is a lengthy tunnel, the first orb is halfway in an indentation to the right, the second in a small gap in the floor slightly ahead.
  • 49/60 – After exiting the tunnel and entering a new room, turn around and look above the doorway for an orb.
  • 50/60 – In the next room, the floor will give way and force you to glide towards a grating on the wall, there is a single orb on said grating.
  • 51–52/60 – Another tunnel this time, the first orb is after the gap to your left, the second at the end on your right.
  • 53/60 – And as before, turn around after entering the following room for an orb above the doorway.
  • 54–59/60 – Up ahead you will be able to see a long vertical trail of orbs in mid–air, hover and drop straight down to grab all six.
  • 60/60 – And before entering the door up ahead, turn right and hover to an lone orb on a ledge.

Fish cannery[]

  • 1–4/60 – Crawl under the first grinder to enter the first room, with four orbs directly above you. Jump onto the cages hanging from the ceiling to reach the top one, then fall down to nab them all.
  • 5–12/60 – This set–up is repeated twice more in the following two rooms.
  • 13/60 – The large room with the fish does not have any orbs, but the one after that with the ice block does; smash the bucket with fish to reveal one orb.
  • 14–19/60 – The large room up ahead, with the moving ice blocks containing fish, has a trio of ice floes on the water below, each with a pair of orbs above it.
  • 20–21/60 – After this room and going down some stairs, use the spray gun to grab two orbs above it.
  • 22/60 – In the room with the chair facing the glass window, a giant shark will be facing back, the orb is in front of the window.
  • 23–24/60 – Jump down the hole in the next room, grabbing two orbs in the process.
  • 25/60 – In the room with the hive spawning metal backs, smash a bucket for an orb.
  • 26–28/60 – Exit the room and jump onto a large ice block, then look left and you can see three orbs in the air. Hover to grab each.
  • 29–30/60 – Past the fish swimming in the water, one orb on a crate and another in a bucket next to said crate.
  • 31–34/60 – These will be visible in the same room on top of cages high up in the air, but are unreachable for now. Instead, a little later on after a room with two bug–spawning hives, climb up a platform and look for a tunnel filled with grinders. Crawl underneath these, encounter metal bugs in the process, and emerge at the end to be able to hover onto each crate.
  • 35/60 – Before resuming your progress through the level by moving an ice block, stop and look for a large crate in a corner. On top of this crate is a bucket with an orb in it.
  • 36/60 – Now, resuming your progress, you will enter a large room with two hives on separate platforms. On the platform, an ice floe, with the second hive is another bucket.
  • 37/60 – After using an elevator, turn left and walk around a corner. There is another bucket tucked away here between the wall and a pipe.
  • 38–46/60 – Continue walking behind the building, in the distance you can see a door. Hover towards it to access a different part of the area with several moving ice floes and three groups of three orbs each spread out in the air.
  • 47–50/60 – Return to the other ice floe path near the elevator building, there are four orbs floating in the air here, simply stand on a moving ice floe until it is in position below an orb to grab each.
  • 51/60 – Once back inside, look for a bucket behind a stack of large crates to find an orb.
  • 52–53 – After using an ice cube to climb to a higher area, turn around and you hover towards a hanging cage for two orbs.
  • 54–57 – Shortly after; to continue you will have to hover to another hanging cage, said cage will have two orbs on it. A third cage has another two orbs, though this one is hard to reach without taking the utmost out of your possible double jump and hover range.
  • 58/60 – And before continuing through the door, smash a bucket for an orb.
  • 59/60 – Go through the door and use the elevator, then go outside, turn right and smash another bucket the second–to–last orb.
  • 60/60 – The final orb is in yet another bucket on the large platform on the other side of the water.

Emerald Isle[]

  • 1/50 – From the starting cave, head outside and then make a sharp right. You should reach an open expanse of water with to the right a cliff with waterfalls and to the left several small islands. The first orb to be collected is more or less between the two, but is not visible from far away due to a small draw distance.
  • 2/50 – Once at the first orb's location, turn towards the second waterfall from the right and fly closer to view a second orb, grab it and head down the waterfall at a low speed.
  • 3–4/50 – You will now have reached a hidden path below the main area, turn right past the broken bridge for two more orbs.
  • 5–9/50 – Turn around and head along the path, grabbing four orbs along the way. The fifth orb is right in front of a geyser inside a cave at the end.
  • 10–22/50 – Head into the geyser to be launched high into the air, grabbing a large collection of 13 orbs without any effort.
  • 23–27/50 – You will have landed on the islands mentioned earlier, note that these are normally accessible by a slope (now behind you). Set course for the orb directly in front of you and then the orb on the island after that, a decent speed, handling and a hop is required to make it safely from each island to the next. At the end, drive off and turn right, heading back for the entrance to the first cave.
  • 28/50 – Turn left and head for the waterfalls visible in the distance, grab the lone orb that will appear soon enough, ignoring any others nearby for now.
  • 29/50 – Now head right and along the wall on your left until you reach another waterfall, an orb will be hiding underneath it.
  • 30/50 – Don't head into the tunnel behind the waterfall just yet, instead turn around and look for a tunnel under one of the islands, the thirtieth orb is to the left of it.
  • 31–33/50 – Enter the tunnel and look for an orb next to the leftmost island. When you grab it, another orb will be visible in the distance, and a third will come into view upon grabbing that one.
  • 34/50 – Use the slope in front of you for some airtime and grab another orb, now return to the tunnel behind the last waterfall.
  • 35–37/50 – Make your way through it and grab one orb when you exit it into a new cavern. Two more are placed in the cavern, on in the center and another a bit out in the open. Finding them might be annoying due to the lack of a proper draw distance, but not impossible.
  • 38–39/50 – Aside from the tunnel you used to enter this cavern, there are two other ways to get in or out. The first is in the middle of both (on the left from the on you used). One orb will be visible in its mouth, the second orb to be collected is on top of an island right outside the exit, that you must reach by speeding out of this particular exit and timing a jump correctly.
  • 40–42/50 – Still in said island, turn around and you can see three more orbs on a smaller platform next to the opening you just used.
  • 43–50/50 – The last eight orbs are in a small circle–shaped cluster that was visible while you collected orb no. 28. Keep the waterfall on your right and head forwards, you will be able to turn right soon enough and grab the orbs (if needed, possibly from the area above it).

Construction site 2[]

  • 1/60 – The first orb is obtained by smashing a toolbox past the large bottomless area with the moving platforms carrying bricks.
  • 2–4/60 – Up ahead is a pair of trampolines you need to use to cross some gaps, use the second one to gain air and then the spray gun to maintain said airtime to hover onto three orbs.
  • 5–6/60 – Before continuing with the large springs, take the time to fly towards a platform to which the first spring is facing. On here, smash two toolboxes for one orb each.
  • 7–9/60 – At the third spring, facing the direction you came from, look left for three orbs above a trampoline.
  • 10/60 – After climbing a wall you will have to jump down to a platform, said orb is above said platform.
  • 11/60 – Jump two platforms to reach another with a creeper and a toolbox, the orb is inside the box.
  • 12–14/60 – Immediately after you will have to jump onto another climbable wall, three orbs are placed midway.
  • 15–21/60 – Climb the wall, turn around and you can see a short trail of gas clusters leading to a bug cage. A long vertical trail of orbs is located directly beneath the cage.
  • 22–23/60 – Later on, past the first termite mound, use a platform hanging from a crane to get onto a scalable wall on the left. At the top, hang onto the platform with the net to grab two orbs.
  • 24–25/60 – Climb to net to the other side and then enter the opening in the wall to reach a small area with one orb in a toolbox and another in the open.
  • 26–28/60 – Return through the opening and look right for three orbs on top of each other.
  • 29/60 – Return to the crane–hanging platform nearby and look for an orb a little higher in the sky nearby.
  • 30–37/60 – The previous orb is next to a trail of gas clouds, follow them to another termite mound and turn around from there. You can see two platforms with three orbs on one, four orbs on another and a final eight orb in the distance.
  • 38–40/60 – Continue through the exit elevator and into a new area. Three orbs are positioned high above the second trampoline.
  • 41–43/60 – A little later, another trio of orbs above a trampoline.
  • 44–60/60 – The last seventeen orbs are on the rail that takes you to the exit.

Strip mine 2[]

  • 1/70 – The first orb is directly behind the Miner on a crate.
  • 2–4/70 – The next three are to the left of a big closed door, also to your left, across the dark eco river.
  • 5–7/70 – Out of three branching paths, take the middle one behind the Miner and grab three orbs from a hanging mine cart.
  • 8–10/70 – Another pair of orbs can be seen nearby, in the direction of a strange wall. Another orb is hidden inside a toolbox to the right of said wall.
  • 11–13/70 – Destroy the wall with the new ultrasonic attachment, and the one after, to find a small room with three orbs.
  • 14–17/70 – Return outside and approaching the edge of the plateau, look to the right over the dark eco and you can see a small piece of land supporting three orbs, a bug cage and a toolbox with a fourth orb inside.
  • 18–20/70 – Nearby is a conveyor belt with three orbs on top of it.
  • 21–30/70 – Continue through the nearby canyon and enter a tunnel system by destroying several walls. You will soon enough enter a large open room with in the center another conveyor belt, jump to the belt then to the second doorway and from there to the nearby platform, which holds three orbs. A nearby platform holds another three and a third platform on the other side of the room holds another ten as well as a bug juice vial.
  • 31–33/70 – Up ahead are two mine carts, between them is a small part with two orbs and a toolbox with a third inside.
  • 34–37/70 – Once you enter a large chamber with a bug hive and several flankers, look left for three orbs a crate and right for a toolbox with another orb.
  • 38–41/70 – Destroy the wall to the next passage to reach a T–split, destroy the wall on the left to reveal a dead end with three orbs and another toolbox, again with an orb inside.
  • 42–44/70 – In the next room with a bug hive there are two orbs to the right, clearly visible, and another in a toolbox on the left.
  • 45–52/70 – The room afterwards has two long conveyor belts, each with numerous orbs and grinders.
  • 54/70 – In the same room is a small opening in the wall with a bug hive, next to it is one orb.
  • 55–56/70 – On the opposite side of the room is a tunnel leading further inwards, two orbs are in said tunnel.
  • 57–61/70 – Turn around and jump onto the closest conveyor belt, follow it to another room and jump onto a nearby mine cart. From here, enter the nearby room filled with flankers, three orbs are placed at each end of the room.
  • 62–64/70 – Continue through through the level to reach another large chamber with another long conveyor belt, three orbs are placed intermittently between grinders.
  • 65–66/70 – Jump to the nearby lower mine cart and from there to the second higher one, on which lie two orbs.
  • 67/70 – Ignore the passage to which the conveyor belt leads and instead jump down to the other one, a toolbox with an orb will be close by.
  • 68–69/70 – Another T–split, go right first for two orbs in a dead end.
  • 70/70 – The last orb is on top of a large crate to the left of the last hive, said hive is in the room to where the conveyor belt leads.

Lumber mill[]

  • 1/70 – This orb is directly between the massive tree stump you start on and the one behind you, jump between the two onto the ground to find a small termite mound and hit it to reveal one orb.
  • 2–4/70 – The first orb is on a tall tree of which the top half has been removed, next to the starting stump. A trail of gas clusters in the air leads to another such tree with a second orb. The third orb is collected at the end as you automatically grab onto a zip line.
  • 5–7/70 – After using the zip line, use a nearby support post to jump onto the tall one holding up the lower end of the zip line. In the air, leading over the water, is a trail of three orbs and two gas clusters.
  • 8–10/70 – In the area with the bug zapper are two orbs behind the large stack of logs on the left, next to water. Use your spray gun to hover and grab each. There is also a small termite mound behind the logs, in a corner, that reveals another orb when destroyed.
  • 11–12/70 – On the other side of the area is another taller stack of logs, two orbs hover around next to the highest one.
  • 13/70 – In the next area with a bug zapper is one orb hidden in another termite mound behind a tree stump.
  • 14–15/70 – To the right of here is a big hollow log, to the left of the log is one orb tucked in an alcove, a second orb is hidden on the right side of the log as well.
  • 16–17/70 – Before entering the log, turn right and cross a big wooden bridge. Past the bridge on the left side is a single termite mound holding an orb. On the same wooden bridge is one orb on one of the higher posts supporting it.
  • 18/70 – Enter the log, at the end turn right and crush another termite mound for one orb.
  • 19–20/70 – At the next area with bug zappers, two in fact, one orb is hidden behind each of the zappers.
  • 21/70 – After moving through another hollow log you reach an open area again, look down the wooden platform you are standing on for a termite mound with the seventeenth orb.
  • 22/70 – Ignore the other log for now and instead head into the open area nearby, a bug zapper stands here and in the back of this place sits another termite mound.
  • 23/70 – This orb and the rest are tricky. Next to the bug zapper is a tree stump with a gas cluster nearby. Use the flamethrower attachment to fly yourself from the stump to the large saw stuck in the body of a large tree next to you, you can land on the lower end of the side. From there, hover onto the top of tree itself to grab this orb.
  • 24–26/70 – Look around for another cut–off tree nearby with three orbs in a vertical line on top, to get the top orb you must make the most out of a double jump and your flame hovering.
  • 27–30/70 – A final cut–off tree nearby holds another four orbs and a bug juice vial.
  • 31/70 – Return to the hollow logs and enter the second one, exiting at a river, before jumping onto the lily pads though, stop and look for yet another termite round to the left of the log you exited from.
  • 32/70 – Now grab the nearby orb on top of a lily pad and head for the wooden structure up ahead and to the right.
  • 33–34/70 – Jump down into the gap to enter a new area in which rows of logs are heading down a river, jump onto one of them and then position yourself as to grab each orb as the correct log heads for it. There are only two orbs to be collected this way.
  • 35–38/70 – At the end, jump onto a nearby crate and then onto a zip line to return to the start, utilizing your swinging and timing to nab four orbs.
  • 39/70 – Return to the river with the lily pads to grab another orb as you return to the area with the second bug zapper.
  • 40/70 – Now at the dock, you can go across another pad over the river by jumping from lily pad to pad, one orb sits on one such pad nearby.
  • 41–46/70 – At the end you once again must use a zip line to return to the start, there are more orbs along the way, but there is an added danger of falling into the water as you will have to time switching zip lines on your own.
  • 47–61/70 – Head for the bridge mentioned during orbs no. 14 and 15, up ahead is a closed door which will open on approach and allow access to the log chute, a water slide filled with various kinds of saws. It might make multiple tries, but you can collect 15 orbs during it.
  • 62/70 – At this final area, smash a termite mound to the left of a massive tree stump for an orb.
  • 63–70/70 – There are several lone lily pads in the water surrounding this small island, one of which has four orbs, three others each have one orb.

Tanker 2[]

  • 1–5/70 – There are a total of five orbs hovering above the dark eco and wooden boxes before the first platform up ahead.
  • 6–8/70 – A trail of three orbs floats in the air between the platform and the closest corner.
  • 9–14/70 – And from the platform to the end of this dark eco–filled section one can collect another six orbs floating above the boxes.
  • 15–21/70 – In the next area, one orb is immediately to your left after crawling through a small gap, behind a glass panel. Another three are on the floor below, also on the left and behind panels and another trio are behind the horizontal pipe before the pool of dark eco.
  • 22–31/70 – After using a trampoline you must stand on a small moving platform that heads directly through a narrow dark eco–filled passage, with broken machinery blocking your way and orbs placed intermittently in your path. It is quite likely you must try several times before you will have collected all the orbs.
  • 32–37/70 – At the end one orb sits behind a glass panel on the left and five more rest upon the climbable wall next to it.
  • 38–55/70 – A large number of orbs can be collected by correctly timing swings and jumps while sliding down a rail.
  • 56–62/70 – After a trampoline jump you must make your way across another pool, three orbs are at the start and the other four are above boxes that pop up as you jump onto the first one. Due to the timer and the two present flankers, you might need to make multiple tries to get all the orbs.
  • 63–64/70 – At the other side you must use a trail of gas clusters to reach another valve at the left end, but first fly towards a platform on the right to grab two orbs.
  • 65–67/70 – After heating up the valve and lowering the dark eco level, do not immediately head into the newly accessible door and instead look for three glass panels holding one orb each on a wall, they will be positioned next to each other in a row.
  • 68–70/70 – Now do head through the door and you will be able to grab the last three orbs that are right in front of you.

Baron's Palace[]

  • 1–3/75 – The first three orbs are seen floating above a planter filled with grass, after exiting the elevator. But on approach it appears to be a hidden security measure and is actually a platform filled with electrified spikes. Nonetheless you must float over it and dodge the plant pots harboring two automated blasters.
  • 4–9/75 – Enter a smaller passage on the right and then climb onto three lockers for two orbs each.
  • 10–15/75 – Back to the main room, up ahead are two more planters, each with three orbs.
  • 16/75 – At the end is a large statue, a single orb sits on the corner of the base behind it.
  • 17–21/75 – Turn into the left passage next to the statue to enter a new room with five orbs spread out over a large number of crates in the room.
  • 22–24/75 – Return to the statue and go through the other doorway to enter a large chamber, three orbs float in the sky in front of the exit up ahead.
  • 25–26/75 – Enter the hallway up ahead and use your spray gun to grab two orbs hovering above a fake carpet at the end, the carpet is in fact a floor filled with spikes.
  • 27–29/75 – Continue through the palace and you will enter a laser–filled library, to your left is a dark room with three orbs, the bottom laser appears to be broken so crawl underneath the others to grab it.
  • 30/75 – And close by is a table with a vase on top of it, smash it for an orb.
  • 31–33/75 – After flying over a second set of lasers and entering a larger room with a long table in it, use the table to gain some extra height to grab onto a nearby bookcase with three orbs on top.
  • 34–37/75 – In the next room stand two more bookcases with each two orbs.
  • 38–40/75 – Before the rotating bookcase, step into a small room on the right and look for three orbs on another bookcase, you can use a stack of books as some extra height to grab onto the edge of the top.
  • 41-42/75 – Note that the 42nd orb is glitched and will require special steps to collect.

After the rotating bookcase with the moving lasers comes a part of the area where the floor has been broken open, revealing dirt underneath. In this room, there is a vase which contains an orb. However, due to most likely a small programming error, the orb inside this vase will spawn in a different location, not inside the vase itself. Right after this room, there is a normal vase on a stand to the left, smash it for an orb.

  • 42/75 – Once you've broken the before mentioned vase in the room with the dirt floor, the 42nd orb will can be found a few rooms later, after some spikes in a room with two scorpion enemies. It will be Inside a vase on the left side, but you can collect it without breaking the vase.
  • 43–44/75 – You will enter a large open area without enemies where you can find these two easily found orbs at your leisure.
  • 45/75 – Part two of the library, smash a nearby vase upon entering for one orb.
  • 46/75 – In the next room, a larger one with a long table, another orb inside a vase.
  • 47/75 – Shortly after you will come to a T–split, the left room is a dead end with a single vase and an orb within.
  • 48–49/75 – The last two orbs in the library, accompanied by a bug juice vial, to find this room stand in front of the exit and turn around; you can see a room blocked off by a tall set of lasers and some nearby gas clusters. Follow the gas to a table, which is the one you find directly after the rotating bookcase, and then use your flamethrower to hover through the passage and over the lasers.
  • 50–52/75 – Now head through the doorway out of the library and turn left for three orbs.
  • 53/75 – Eventually you will reach the vault area, ignore the gold and look for a lone orb in the vault on the right.
  • 54–56/75 – In the part, look for three lone orbs in each of the three vaults (a fourth just has a battle token).
  • 57–58/75 – Meanwhile, grab the two orbs near the large vent on the floor.
  • 59–65/75 – The only remaining orbs are those on top of the crates stacked around the room and those hanging from the giant claws from the ceiling, they are more or less not hard to miss safe for the last one suspended above the crate that drops down through a vent.
  • 66–68/75 – After dropping down the hole and viewing a cutscene, walk through a new hallway until you reach a single crate instead of stacks of two, climb onto it and turn around to grab the lone orbs on the stacks of crates behind you.
  • 69–70/75 – After the second cutscene enter a similar hallway with more crates, before turning right, jump onto the one at the end to grab two orbs.
  • 71–75/75 – The final five orbs are located on top of the crates in the last room of the Palace, before crawling through an opening which leads to the exit.


  • 1/75 – Before getting on the service zoomer, smash a nearby glass panel for one orb.
  • 2–16/75 – During the zoomer ride through the tunnel you can collect fifteen orbs, they're fairly easy since the zoomer is wider than it appears and often hits them with the wings.
  • 17–19/75 – Do not immediately run past the second guard and instead look for a tiny gap in the wall to his right, crawl through (requires good timing) and enter a new room, here there are three orbs on top of each of the zoomers, use a nearby stack of boxes and the gas clusters to grab it.
  • 20–23/75 – Next, in the area with the third guard, grab a key to gain access to each cell. There is one orb above said key, a second is under the bed in the first cell on the right, a third orb is in front of an escape route under the bed in the fourth cell (going counter–clockwise) and a last orb is hidden behind the bed in the fifth cell (with the metal klaw).
  • 24/75 – In the next room, with the three scalable walls, climb either one and turn around for an orb in the air high up in the middle of the room.
  • 25/75 – Later, after an elevator, you enter a 2.5D side–scroller section, one orb is before the first barrier behind a glass panel on the wall.
  • 26/75 – Right after the barrier is a fourth guard, you can past him or climb a grating and wait for him to walk past you, there is one orb on the grating.
  • 27/75 – After another elevator you must cross a gap, a single orb hovers in the air between the two platform.
  • 28/75 – And after a third elevator you walk past an open cell, one orb can be seen inside.
  • 29/75 – Crawl through a small opening to enter a room with a fifth guard, in this room is another orb behind a glass panel.
  • 30–31/75 – Next is another circular room with several prison cells, but this time with three guards. After grabbing the key, the second and fourth (going counter–clockwise with the guards) each have one orb.
  • 32/75 – Back to a second 2.5D side–scroller section, this orb is on the upper floor on a grating on a wall, next to a group of four metal creepers.
  • 33/75 – While still standing on that same platform, jump down and run left (with luck the guard does not see you) for an orb behind glass next to the elevator.
  • 34/75 – After taking the elevator back up, go right and smash another glass panel on the next platform.
  • 35/75 – This one is also behind glass, but on the lower floor this time. Jump into the gap on the right and then head right for the orb.
  • 36/75 – Return to the platform above and jump the gap this time, the next orb is on the barrier up ahead.
  • 37/75 – This one follows shortly after and is on the grating you can use to hide from a patrolling guard.
  • 38–39/75 – The last two in this section, one is behind glass next to the exit and the other right in front of said exit.
  • 40/75 – In the next section, after turning a corner stop midway in the passage and use either of the gratings on both sides to climb up and jump towards an orb.
  • 41–44/75 – Up ahead you must use your spray gun to follow a gas trail to avoid one guard, four orbs can be collected if done right.
  • 45–48/75 – One room later and you must follow another trail in mid–air while collecting orbs.
  • 49–50/75 – Next is a very large chamber with a long trail of orbs in an almost a full circle, ignore these for now and instead hover towards the two platforms on the sides for one orb each.
  • 51–64/75 – Now for the orbs in the circle, go to the center platform in the room and use your flamethrower to heat up the spring underneath the grating below you. Do this until the protruding part of the platform has swiveled three whole quarters. Now comes the tricky part: you must reach the end of the platform in time and stand still in time. Failure to do so will cause you to either miss a few orbs or be thrown off by the centrifugal force into the dark eco below.
  • 65–69/75 – A similar set up in a much larger room with multiple rotating platforms, the first one can be used to get five orbs.
  • 70–72/75 – The second one to get three.
  • 73–75/75 – And another three orbs on the third.


Dream mode[]

  • 1/1 – There is a hidden extra 1001th orb in the game collected by reaching the gold medal in the Indiana Jones level in Dream mode.