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Color Character
Orange Daxter
Green Osmo
Grey Concierge
Red Taryn
Pink Barmaid
Light brown Miner
Light blue Ximon
Yellow Lumberjack

The following is a list of missions in Daxter. Missions either take the form of extermination jobs, otherwise metal bug-related jobs, or incidental missions. They are assigned to Daxter by major and minor characters, though the majority of them are Kridder Ridder jobs, thus indirectly commissioned by Osmo. While the goal of the missions is generally to clear out metal bugs or investigate areas that are deemed too dangerous for others because of the bugs, Daxter's ultimate motivation throughout the game is to find and rescue Jak.

Flowchart[edit | edit source]

Bring back 25 gems to the Concierge
Clean up the construction site
Exterminate bugs in Breezy Valley
Explore the brewery and restore pressure to the taps
Take care of bugs in transit system
Defeat hive queen
Collect 8 eco crystals and return them to the Miner
Exterminate bugs in Breezy Valley
Follow that prison zoomer!
Collect 30 gems from the tanker
Collect 40 gems (distillery)
Collect 40 gems (fish cannery)
Completion of both is required to continue
Take out bug in Emerald Isle
Find and destroy termite mounds
Smash the hives
Activate the bug zappers
Defeat hive queen
Both are required to continue
Take out bug in Emerald Isle
Investigate tanker
Escape the palace
Rescue Jak
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