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The deathmatch icon.

A deathmatch is a type of combat racing event featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. Being the most commonarena track event in the game, six racers are pitted against each other with the goal of executing ten opponent kills or having the highest score by the time four minutes are up.

Focus particularly on obtaining yellow eco and green eco pick-ups, for offensive weapons and health respectively, as these will prove most useful. Since this is not a linear competition, rear red eco defensive weapons pick-ups are not quite as valuable, though a shield system or attack drone will always prove useful in a pinch.

Going with the classic tracking missiles or Vulcan Fury is generally recommended, especially if you have a live dark eco charge. This event also provides you with the default submachine gun, which can also get the job done if no yellow pick-ups are within your general vicinity.

Similarly, pick a durable race car over a fast one, as survival of the fittest is the point of this event. You will more often find yourself coasting along the track while shelling fire than you will running away from predators or engaging in a high-speed pursuit. However, do not entirely ignore blue eco pick-ups, as an effective strategy, especially if you are already ahead, is to find two racers already engaged in combat then kill both of them from farther away. Or, equally effective, is to chase down vehicles that have already been fired upon as they will be easier to kill.

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