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Trophy: Big Tower Fall Down
Complete 'Destroy Metal Head tower'. Silver

Destroy Metal Head tower is a mission in Jak 3. After blowing the Tower door open, Jak and Daxter went inside trying to find Cyber Errol and bring the tower down.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of Jak 3 will unlock the silver trophy Big Tower Fall Down.


Despite the name, there are no Metal Heads inside. Tt is solely occupied with a large number of troopers and hornets, as well as tiny dark splitters that spawn out of holes in the walls. The small fry are just a nuisance, but you want to use the big guns in your arsenal against the Dark Makers much like before. For the majority of this level, you just have to go forward, fighting through lots of enemies, then when they are killed, usually open up a path or bring down a platform of sorts.

Shortly, you will encounter sweeping tentacles coming out of the walls; these are harmless so just ignore them. When you get to the a light eco vent, you need to use Light Flight to cross the gap. For the rest it is only fighting through waves of enemy attacks. At the very top of platforms and stairs you have been climbing, you will have to fight off the last few biggest enemy waves, until finally a platform arrives which takes you to Cyber Errol.

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