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Trophy: Timber!
Complete 'Destroy drill platform tower'. Bronze

Destroy drill platform tower was a mission in Jak II. Kor instructed Jak to head over the drill platform again and destroy the main control tower to stop the Baron's use of eco to harm the Underground. In reality Kor was once again trying to harm the Baron's eco supply so he would have less time to keep up his end of the deal.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of Jak II will unlock the bronze trophy Timber!.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This is the second mission where you use the Titan Suit and the last one at the drill platform. Use the suit to punch down the door and take the elevator down and you'll have to past some lasers. In the following room position the mech at the inactive elevator past the walkway, then use the nearby platforms to get up on the ledge above with the two grunts. Take these out and activate the lever to get the suit up as well, then knock down the next door.

Next are a couple platforming bits, so watch out for the platforms as they drop when you stand on them. There's also large ovens that release jets of fire every so often. When you reach a gap that is too large to cross for the suit with some grunts on the other side, jump out and shoot the nearby lever with your Blaster (and the grunts as well). In the next room, avoid the lasers and in the one after that use the dropping platforms to avoid the ovens when they release their fire again.

Now you'll want to take the elevator up to the main control tower; there's a couple grunts here but nothing else. Destroy all 10 (two sets of 4 in the main area, 2 in another room) of the computer machinery only to cause the entire place to begin to self-destruct; the panels positioned close to the door should be destroyed last for quicker entry to the elevator. Head for the elevator where a 1:35 minute timer starts. You'll automatically exit the Titan Suit where after it's pretty much the same route back to the teleport gate. Use roll jumps as much as possible to cut down on the time. The JET-Board is also useful here though you are prone to falling to your death if you're not careful enough to get through narrow walkways filled with the aforementioned hazards along the way. Take care to know that the elevator will also take time to use. You'll only actually succeed in escaping the explosion when you walk out the very first door you knocked down.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Similar to the "Destroy ship at drill platform" mission in that Kor wanted to stop the Baron's access to eco. Knowing his position as the Metal Head leader, it was unknown if this was authorized by the Underground and not just a ploy to cut down on the time the Baron could hold his deal with the Metal Heads. If the deal were to be cut short prematurely, then Kor could potentially stop the Baron before he could act out his secret plan involving the Precursor Stone.
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