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Trophy: Over Easy
Complete 'Destroy eggs at drill platform'. Silver

Destroy eggs at drill platform was a mission in Jak II. Vin has detected a drop in eco flow at the drill platform, which is harmful to Haven City since the Shield Wall requires eco to function. Jak had to destroy any metal head eggs he could find at the platform.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of Jak II will unlock the silver trophy Over Easy.


A fairly linear mission again, this time introducing a turret mechanic (the gunpod) and three new Metal Heads. The ginsu cannot be damaged by melee attacks while the centurion has a shield it only lifts when attacking, the wasp is a strong flying enemy only actually fought here while using the turret.

Continue along the path (ginsu will ambush in swarms most of the time in this mission, so be careful) until you reach the turret (up the elevator). It is the only way to destroy the eggs (aside from the Peace Maker mod in Hero Mode). When you enter it a number of wasps will appear which also have to be defeated. You'll open a new path by destroying the eggs, so continue there and fight your first stalker.

In the next room there's another large number of ginsu where after you need to climb the barrels on the left to go through some obstacle platforming. On the metal walkway soon after, a wasp shows up and damages it and then flies away, then go through some more ginsu and the second gunpod section where you break another wall.

Fight another centurion and then jump over the dropping platforms to get to the third and last turret section. After shooting down the wasps, you'll cause a crane to fall down by shooting the last of the eggs, which acts as a bridge to the warp gate which will return you to the power station.

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