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Trophy: Kersplash!
Complete 'Destroy equipment at dig'. Bronze

Destroy equipment at dig was a mission in Jak II. Baron Praxis was searching for the Tomb of Mar at the dig site, and although Kor did not believe in it, he sent Jak over to disrupt it "just in case". This mission is one piece of evidence towards Kor's true nature later revealed in the game, as after Jak disrupts the Baron's project the Metal Heads invaded in force.[1]

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of Jak II will unlock the silver trophy Kersplash!.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A harder mission involving a lot of JET-Board movement. It's important to be aware of the new stuff in this mission. First is the Krimzon Guard which comes in force equipped with grenade launchers. They're not very accurate, but the bombs have a decent area of effect meaning that standing still is very dangerous. Then there's the JET-Board jump pads which launch you onto nearby higher platforms and the stacks of explosive barrels; shoot these to cause them to collapse and detonate a couple seconds later, useful to take down guards at a distance.

The exact goal here is not to kill the guards around the drill, but instead you'll want to get rid of all the tethers (see image) located on the metal beams around it. Grind on a beam to cause them to break; with 24 tethers and 3 per metal beam, there's quite a lot of them. You can either purely ignore the guards and rely on your jet board's speed to avoid them. This is good enough as long as you keep moving, but guards will still get in the way a lot.

The other option is to go to each platform one by one and knock them all out and quickly continue to the next. This just makes it a lot easier to get all the tethers at your own leisure.

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