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Trophy: Doggin' the Hellcats
Complete 'Destroy five HellCat cruisers'. Bronze

Destroy five HellCat cruisers was a mission in Jak II. Baron Praxis had released new HellCat cruisers on the streets of Haven City, causing problems for Torn and the Underground. Torn asked Jak for help who didn't mind taking down a few cruisers.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of Jak II will unlock the bronze trophy Doggin' the Hellcats.


Destroy five HellCat cruisers

Jak shooting at a HellCat cruiser during the mission.

To begin with there's a large amount of ammunition right outside the hideout which you'll surely need. The target this time is five of these new cruisers; they're pretty similar to the normal Krimzon Guard cruiser except notable for their yellow color and tinted windows. Their performance is better in every field although they will flee when attacked, which in turn will lure the fight into being dragged out as it uses its cannon to fire behind it and shoot you.

The main problem is the Krimzon Guard harassing you while you take down the cruisers; the turbo cannons in the area can make it quite troublesome. The actual cruisers aren't so much a problem if you avoid being dragged into a chase, odds are you can't aim correctly chasing it at high speed while the cruiser will have no problems with its 360 degree turret.

Using the Vulcan Fury (or Blaster if out of ammunition), try and get a clear shot at it while it is not yet on alert. If done correctly you should be able to down it before it gains speed and races away. Repeat this for the other cruisers, but don't be afraid to take some time-off if the KG is onto you. Dying means you'll have to do it all over.

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