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The drill platform is a large facility visited in Jak II. It was used by Baron Praxis as an eco mining operation, but was overrun by metal heads during the events of the game. Jak visited here on three separate occasions, the first for the mission "Destroy eggs at drill platform", during which he had to exterminate patches of metal head eggs as they were "sucking away power." According to Vin, the eco power provided by the drill platform provided the energy for keeping up the Shield Wall, and the eggs were causing a drop in eco flow.[1] During this mission, Jak also managed to damage parts of the drill platform while using the turrets there, busting through a few of the walls and causing a large crane to collapse and bust through one of the control rooms.

The drill platform.

The second time he visited the area to intercept the transportation of ill-gotten eco in the mission "Destroy ship at drill platform", after which a team of Underground members would be sent to pick up the eco from the destroyed eco tanker, according to Kor.[2] Lastly, Jak visited the drill platform in the mission "Destroy drill platform tower" during which he destroyed the Baron's main control tower using the Titan Suit (which, according to Kor, would temporarily and partially halt the Baron's use of eco to harm the Underground; but it is later revealed that the human disguiser was using it to sabotage the deal between them).[note 1]

The drill platform itself consists of massive steel structures suspended above the icy mountains by four metal leg-like mechanisms, connected to a large steel ring. There is a large drill in the center of the structure, which is presumably controlled at the main control tower. The centrifugal force of the massive-sized drill would appear to cause the entire area to rotate around the ring. The area is mostly traversed via elevators, bridges, conveyors, and gunpod rails. The gun pods themselves were presumably implemented and used by the Krimzon Guard, though Jak made use of this on multiple occasions. There are also various steam operations, as well as several cranes and other large steel scaffolding.

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  • Concept art would suggest that in fact several other drill platforms exist in other locations.
  • The drill platform can be accessed by the warp gate in the power station unless Jak is being sent on a mission to the strip mine. After completing the game, the power station warp gate will always teleport Jak to the drill platform.

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