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Watch your tail feathers, Jak. This is a spooky place... Pecker, Jak 3

The eco mine is a location featured in Jak 3. It is a large quarry full of scaffolding and mining equipment which Jak theorized was used by Mar to harvest eco energy for Haven City. During Jak 3, Jak visited the eco mine via the sub-rails from the Monk Temple. While exploring the eco mine, Jak encountered several rare metal heads and other returning creatures from Jak II, and eventually found a pair of greaves, a component of the Armor of Mar set. He then escorted a bomb train which he used to open a path to Haven City. In his way, however, was Veger and his Precursor robot, the latter of which he defeated and re-entered Haven City.

The area is a massive canyon incorporating various mining equipment and scaffolding that has since been long abandoned and overrun with wildlife, such as fodders, mantas, gekkos, and rats (all of which, excluding fodders, are exclusive to the eco mine). Although the canyon itself is purely rock, it has been encrusted with heavy steel equipment, infrastructure, and even some Precursor-like structures such as embedded Precursor robots and columns. The entire area contains rails which guide bomb trains which were presumably used to transport mining explosives. Deeper into the eco mine were drilling operations that were oddly operated by the rats which would run on giant hamster wheels to activate the machinery.