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Jak receiving a Dark Jak power from the Oracle in Jak II.

Jak receiving the eco amplifier power from a Precursor idol in The Lost Frontier.

Eco powers are invocable abilities in Jak II, Jak 3, and The Lost Frontier. While Jak could also utilize eco to augment his moveset in The Precursor Legacy, eco powers in this context refers specifically to unique combat attacks, defense mechanisms, or traversal methods acquired at certain points in the games. These powers depend upon and are derived from eco, with a reservoir dictating when and for how long the eco power can be used. Usually, eco powers are one-time use before requiring the acquisition or regeneration of more eco.

History[edit | edit source]

In Jak II, Jak was imprisoned by Baron Praxis in Haven City, and experimented on as a subject of the Dark Warrior Program. Throughout this process, Jak was imbued with a dark alter ego via dark eco injections, referred to as Dark Jak. Throughout Jak II, Jak learned how to control his new form as well as acquire special dark powers (used for offensive attacks) through the Oracle at the Water Slums, who required a certain amount of skull gems.

At the end of Jak II, after defeating the ancient enemy of the Precursors and leader of the Metal Heads, Kor, Jak was gifted with a "glorious light" to balance his dark form. In Jak 3, this manifested in a new Light Jak form, allowing Jak to acquire defensive and traversal light eco powers through a trio of Oracles in the Monk Temple (as well as once from a Precursor entity). He also gained additional dark powers, one at the Great Volcano via a dark idol, and one in Metal Head city after punching a dark eco tank.

In The Lost Frontier, an eco shortage struck the planet, causing an unstable imbalance. This prevented Jak from being able to transform into Dark or Light Jak without considerable pain. Alternatively, Jak acquires new eco powers through the four colored ecos, red eco, green eco, blue eco, and yellow eco. Jak acquires these through Precursor idols, scattered around the Brink. These idols were evidently used by the Aeropans to give eco powers to the hyper mutant and likely the ethereal sub-commander to some extent, as both enemies possess comparable eco powers.

Keira also offers her new sage abilities to convert collected dark eco into eco skills which allow Jak to improve either his eco powers, eco recharge rate, hit points, melee damage, as well as more active abilities such as an energy punch and a spin kick ability that reflects enemy projectiles.

Eco powers[edit | edit source]

Eco type Eco power Description Game
Dark eco Dark Bomb The first dark power Jak acquires, involving Jak jumping into the air and slamming his fist down, unfurling a high-octane shockwave of dark eco, harming or destroying all enemies within its radius. Jak II, Jak 3
Dark Blast The second dark power Jak acquires, involving Jak jumping into the air and spinning rapidly, releasing several enemy-seeking bolts of dark eco, harming or destroying all enemies within its radius.
Invincibility Grants Jak invulnerability from enemy attacks and some other hazards while in his Dark Jak form. Jak II
Dark Giant Involves Dark Jak growing in size, exponentially increasing his attack's damage output, speed, and jump height.
Dark Invisibility Allows Jak to become invisible after touching a dark idol. Unlike other dark powers, this power does not require Jak to transform into Dark Jak to use it. However, a cheat may be unlocked allowing Jak to become invisible at any point while Dark Jak using Triangle. Jak 3
Dark Strike Involves Jak charging dark energy between his hands before releasing two connected and self-revolving dark eco spheres, destroying everything in its wake.
Light eco Light Regeneration Allows Light Jak to stop time around him while a beam of light eco from above regenerates his hit points until the eco meter is depleted.
Flash Freeze Allows Jak to kneel on one knee, clap his hands above him, and slow time around him.
Light Shield Allows Jak to create an impermeable light eco shield around him.
Light Flight Allows Light Jak to sprout wings, with which he can glide short distances.
Red eco Eco amplifier Involves Jak releasing a large sphere of red eco energy from his hands, which then travels forward until it collides with something or Jak shoots it, at which point it detonates into a harmful shockwave of red eco. The Lost Frontier
Green eco Eco construct The first, most simple form of eco construct, involves Jak raising his hand, causing a collection of green eco crystals to emerge from the ground. This acts primarily as a weapon, especially when upgraded, as well as a defense against the Uber-Bot 888's arm saws.
The second eco construct involves Jak standing over a patch of small green eco crystals, kneeling, and causing much larger pillars of green eco to erupt from the earth, creating temporal platforms with which he can traverse areas.
Eco shield Similar to Light Shield, this power involves Jak creating an impermeable shield around him, though this time out of green eco.
Blue eco Eco reflexes Similar to Flash Freeze, this power involves Jak kneeling, clapping his hands above him, and slowing time around him. However, since this power uses blue eco instead of light eco, it is more likely this causes Jak to move faster than his surroundings, only perceiving everything else around him becoming slowed down.
Eco teleport Involves Jak swapping places with a targeted Precursor statue, allowing him to traverse long or blocked-off distances.
Yellow eco Eco rocket jump Involves Jak getting a boost off of the ground through blasts of yellow eco from his hands. If standing over a yellow eco vent or over a cloud of eco, this boost will allow Jak to reach considerable altitudes (though otherwise it is only a small boost no higher than a standard double jump).
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