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Eco reflexes is an eco power in The Lost Frontier. It is the first blue eco power and fourth power overall, received from a Precursor idol at Far Drop during the mission "Defeat the dark mutants". It is identical to the Flash Freeze power from Jak 3, which slows down time, but is also related to the The Precursor Legacy power of channeling blue eco which would speed Jak up. Regardless, Jak will be notably faster than his enemies and objects in the environment, allowing him to easily out-maneuver enemy attacks and projectiles or cross dangerous sections with machinery moving at high speed.

The reflexes icon.

Jak first had to use the power during the mission in which he received it, as several of the platforms either moved to fast or tilted to quickly to be of normal use. He again had to use it, but in an offensive manner, during the mission "Defeat the Saucy Pirate", as the Saucy Pirate was unnaturally fast. Later on he had to fight the hyper mutant, which also possessed an eco reflexes power himself.

To use the eco reflexes power, press either L2 + Triangle (for PlayStation 2) or Down (for PlayStation Portable), which takes a split second for Jak to perform. Afterwards, eco reflexes has zero drawbacks and the essentially free use of this power makes it invaluable for combat, as it drastically lowers the difficulty of any fight.

Eco reflexes takes quite a lot of eco to use, which can be somewhat lessened with the cheaper reflexes skill. Its second skill, increased reflex time, increases the time limit from 8 to 12 seconds.

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