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Eco rocket jump is an eco power in The Lost Frontier. The only yellow eco power and the third received, it is acquired via a Precursor idol in the Brink volcano during the mission "Land on Brink Island and search volcano for eco seeker". It allows Jak to propel himself upwards by firing a burst of yellow eco from his hands, and then slowly descending afterwards. Its true worth shows when used in conjunction with yellow eco, as standing on an eco vent or in a gas cloud will let him launch himself skywards to reach significant heights.

The rocket jump icon.

To use it, press L2 (hold) + X (for PlayStation 2) or Down + X (for PlayStation Portable; also usable by pressing X while over an eco vent). It is possible to first charge the ability and then use it at a later time when convenient to, for example, dodge an enemy attack, though its effectiveness is questionable at best. Offensively it is initially useless, though the rocket jump knockback skill provides some potential utility; in truth its effective range is practically negligible. The rocket jump explosion skill will deal massive damage to enemies if it contacts, but the range remains too small for frequent, practical use.

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