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Edje is a minor character in Jak X: Combat Racing. Known for "nailing the red line", developing a fondness for blue turbo and a knack for defensive skill,[1] Edje participated in the Kras City Grand Championship as a member of Mizo's combat racing gang alongside Razer, Shiv, and Cutter.

History[edit | edit source]

Daxter telling a story to Edje and Shiv.

Edje played a minor role in Jak X, serving as one of Mizo's thugs, an inconspicuous antagonist, and a combat racing competitor. He was first seen in the opening sequence at the Bloody Hook, listening to Daxter's story about his and Jak's first day in Kras City.

Unlike Cutter and Shiv, Edje's origins were never mentioned. However, he did appear to have some knowledge of Krew, exclaiming "The big gang lord?" in surprise when Daxter said that he and Jak were his muscle.[2]

During the races, Edje used the Howler 99 for both the Red Eco Cup and exhibition mode, the Hammer Head for the Green Eco Cup, and the Boomer during the Blue Eco Cup.[3]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Finalized concept art of Edje.

Edje is a tall, built human male, with a distinctive flame tattoo on his right arm shared with all of Mizo's thugs. He dons a brown cap, goggles around his neck, and has metallic cuffs around his ears. He wears a blue vest over a white sweater, with a utility belt, thick brown pants, and blue boots.

References[edit | edit source]

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