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The electric bug swatter,[1][2] also known as the electric swatter,[3][4] bug swatter,[5] or electro swat,[6] is a melee weapon provided by Kridder Ridder in Daxter. Along with the spray gun, it is used by Daxter to defeat metal bugs.

History[edit | edit source]

The swatter was provided by Osmo at the beginning of the game, as soon as Daxter joined the company. Daxter used the weapon throughout the game, and was not modified, a contrast to the spray gun which gained attachments. However, Daxter can learn new skills using the weapon in Dream mode sequences, particularly the Matrix and the Braveheart sequences, where Daxter can learn a mid-air downward spiral and an uppercut movement respectively.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The electric bug swatter is similar to a typical bug swatter, with a metallic casing and a black grip, but with an electric end which is used to damage enemies. The end is not electrified when not activated.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Daxter can swing the weapon using the Square button, using this move in succession on an enemy will allow Daxter to execute a three-hit combo followed by a powerful finishing move. Said move is a short jump and smash down with the swatter, squashing all common bugs bar the slasher instantly. This final move can then be executed again and again, as long as an enemy is damaged by it. Being hit during the combo will immediately cancel it, though this is only a possibility when flanked by other enemies, as the weapon normally knocks back and stuns enemies for a split second when hit.

Notable, the standard three-hit combo has the potential of dealing more than three hits when using the second and third moves. These two involve Daxter rolling and swinging the swatter around, which has the potential to deal damage multiple times as long as the wide arc of the swing contacts the enemy. Recommended for use on large crowds or enemies, the slasher is quite susceptible to this move and can thus be hit one extra time during each of the second and third swings.

Upon completion of the first Matrix Dream mode sequence, Daxter will learn the downward spiral movement. This allows Daxter to spin the weapon in mid-air, to come down onto enemies, similar to Jak's kick in mid-air. Furthermore, Daxter can learn an uppercut move, upon completion of the Braveheart sequence, which allows him to immediately hit enemies with a spiral jump after hitting, by following an attack on an enemy up with a jump using X.

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